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Top 15 Best and Underrated Places to Live in Lagos — Affordable House Rents

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the third most populous in Nigeria. The city that never sleeps was also ranked in 2022 as the fourth wealthiest city in Africa. Many Nigerians in search of greener pastures usually relocate to Lagos. It is...

Top 20 Most Followed African Celebrities on Instagram and Their Countries

Africa is blessed with talents. Some Africans have been able to leverage their talents and performance to amass fans both in the continent and globally. One of the most useful social media platforms for celebrities is Instagram. Many brands...

Meet Lt. Col. Imam, first Nigerian Army’s professor

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna in November 2023 announced the promotion of Lt. Col. Abubakar-Surajo Imam to the rank of Professor of Mechatronics Engineering. Imam is said to be the first professor among serving personnel in the history...




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