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5 Best SEO Plugins To Increase Your Nigerian Website Google Ranking 2020

There are thousands of SEO plugins out there performing different functions ranging from security to speeding up your website, among other functions.

If you have a well-designed website that’s finding it difficult to reach Google’s front page, then it’s possible that your site is lost in Google bottomless pit.

Data from ahrefs suggests that 90.63% of contents get no traffic while millions of websites can’t get to Google’s first page.

All of these problems can be mitigated using an SEO plug-in. Before we go further, let us shed more light on SEO plug-ins.

What is SEO?

SEO is the activity that entails developing the quantity and quality of a website content to rank higher on search engines and thus increase traffic. It increases websites visitors by improving the visibility of a web page to users of search engines like Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.


Plugins are software installed on a computer program to enhance its capabilities. That said,  what are SEO plug-ins?

SEO plug-ins are additional software for browsers and content management system such as WordPress.

SEO plug-ins contain tools that help to improve your website visibility. It allows you to add SEO title, meta tags, image sitemaps and more.

It improves your website’s metadata, thereby increasing its visibility on search engine results. There are various SEO plugins available, both free and paid.

If you are reading this article, you are at the right place. Without much ado, we will list out five tested SEO plug-ins that will definitely increase your website visibility on Search Engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo,, and others) in 2020.

(1) SEO Squirrl

(2) Yoast SEO

(3) All In One Seo Pack

(4) The Seo Framework

(5) ) Broken Link Checker



This plugin is especially useful to people who aren’t SEO experts. Many plugins have diverse ways through which SEO can be accessed and applied, but SEO SQUIRRL takes SEO to a whole new level.

Here’s how it works: You input the desired keywords you are trying to rank, as you write, green lights and suggestions will pop up explaining how you can use the keyword in your content.

One of the most compelling features of SEO SQUIRRL is that it has a unique method for evaluating the web content of your rivals, so you can devise ways to outrank them.

You can also keep track of your website’s progress regularly in order to help you control and monitor your website.

There is a vast variety of built-in tools incorporated into SEO SQUIRRL. They include:

(i) Setting assistant: This tool helps you fix your site’s SEO settings and sets it up in an organized fashion. 

(ii) Blogging assistant: This helps users write content-rich articles.

(iii) Keyword research assistant: Keeps records and notifies users of better keyword opportunities.



Yoast SEO plugin is the most liked among all SEO plugins and it has been in existence for over 7 years. It might also interest you to know that over 3 million websites use this plugin. Yoast SEO helps you to recognize and stay away from copied content to prevent you from getting penalized by Google. It also offers layouts for titles and meta descriptions which will help your page gain massive engagement.

YOAST plugin is available both as a freemium and premium version.  It is user friendly especially for users with a little or no background in Information Technology. 



In this plugin, there is almost everything you need to automate your website.

They have over 2 million active installations and a ranking of 4.5.

It also has a user-friendly dashboard, however, you need a little time to adapt to its interface.

The essential features for this plugin are free, but it is also possible to upgrade to the premium version.

The trial version will definitely take care of your basic SEO needs. It is also an incredibly helpful tool for novices.


The SEO Framework plugin is another excellent choice for you to consider. Its interface mixes normally when incorporated with wordpress. This plugins shows you how to optimize each post for search engines. SEO framework is absolutely free and doesn’t have annoying ads popping up every minute while you’re working with it.



This plugin is extremely important for your website. It helps prevent website users from clicking on a link to a broken page. As a matter of fact, Google may get your website blacklisted if there are any broken links in it. The plugin works by helping your site identify any broken link, thereby making it easy for you to remove, edit, or dismiss the problem. 



If you own a website, there are thousands of plugins to help improve your rankings on Google.

Choosing a plugin depends on what type of operation you want to perform.

Most plugins have specific purposes, that means, you need to assess the features your site is lacking and go for the best plugin that will improve your rankings.


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