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VIDEO: ‘Best man of the year’ escapes through toilet to avoid paying ladies’ bill

A video has captured the moment a man escaped through the back door and left some ladies stranded after they attempted to finish his money.

According to the report, the ladies had planned to squander the guy’s money, made several expensive orders in fulfilment of their mission, but turned out unfortunate.

The man upon seeing the outrageous bills quietly entered the toilet and disappeared afterwards leaving the ladies to their fate.

In the video, arguments had begun already as to who would pay the bills since the initial plan failed woefully.

Some social media users have however reacted to the video;

steel_visuals: Nice one comrade. So you mean all this fine girl no fit pay for food wee dem eat??? Arbi na the guy chop all d food.

decoojay: You try GUY!!!! You be King.

_mazimillian: The guy should come and collect his award… Best man of the year.

myra_oma: How do u go out without vex money

humble_update: That comrade na legend

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