‘Can I use the balance hold body?’: Uber driver begs after insulting customer over non-payment

A tweep, @SammieLaolu, has narrated his experience in the hand of an Uber man who insulted him over delay on the part of his bank (FCMB) in crediting his account after payment was made.

Narrating the incident, the man in a post on Twitter said he had ordered the Uber cab service for a friend from Lekki and upon arrival credited the Uber driver, but he didn’t get any alert due to a bank delay.

According to him, he had to resent the transfer two times again but no positive result while the Uber driver insulted him that he wants “to chop his sweat”.

Fortunately, the money was credited to the driver’s account later. After receipt, the driver called the customer pleading if he can hold onto the money.

“Ordered Uber for a friend from lekki to Ikeja N5700, trip ended I credited driver, he claim not to see it, well I have sent N17,100 and Oga no still see money, he called and insult me that I want to chop his sweat. Well, fcmb don credit bros N17,100 he come turn prayer warrior.

“ Sir, I am sorry I was not patient sir, I guess it’s bank network, the money enter 3 times now. Can I use the balance to hold body or send it back” Oga send my N11,400 back now now. You want to chop my own sweat too. Make god no punish you o.


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