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Co-Creation Hub Music-Tech Innovation Challenge

Co-Creation Hub Music-Tech Innovation Challenge

Deadline for applications is October 17 (12 PM, WAT)

The Music – Tech Innovation Challenge is a competition aimed at identifying and developing innovative solutions across four opportunity areas in the Nigerian music industry that can benefit from the application of technology.

Key opportunity areas:

Label Management:

The opportunity seeks to tackle the following questions>>

How might we make it easier for music labels to distribute their artist’s music across the continent and efficiently monetize consumption through simpler and more convenient payment systems?

How might we make the process of royalty collection transparent, such that artists and labels are able to keep track of how much they are owed and how much is being owed to contributing parties?

How might we make it easier for creators to instantly register copyright, publishing and mechanical splits at the point of creation?


Legal advisory for artists:

The opportunity seeks to tackle the following questions>>

How might we increase the access to localized legal knowledge governing the Nigerian entertainment industry, such that it is easier for upcoming artists to find legal representation, and also check or confirm that their contracts are fit for purpose?

How might we amplify the work being done by small claims courts in Nigeria so that artists can know they have access to justice to easily and quickly resolve contract disputes?

Artist Management:

The opportunity seeks to tackle the following questions>>

How might we automate the process of artist management, such that managers are more efficient, and have a holistic view of all aspects of all their artists’ careers at all times?

How do we educate artist managers on global music business management best practices, such that they are well-informed early on in their careers?


Event Management:

The opportunity seeks to tackle the following questions>>

How might we enable event managers give brands visibility into credible event reporting data, such that they are able to align with, and sponsor events that capture their target audience?

How might we track all financial transactions within an event space such that event organizers and vendors split revenues equitably according to agreed terms?

The deadline for applications is October 17 (12 PM, WAT). 12 solutions will be shortlisted – and the shortlisting will be handled by the CcHUB team, 4 key experts and other selected music industry stakeholders.

The 12 shortlisted solutions will be posted on the challenge website and across their social media platforms.

To build an active community of patrons that are excited about testing and using these solutions, the general public will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite solution to determine the “audience favourite”.

The solution with the most audience votes will automatically;

*be chosen as one of the winners of the challenge.

*If the audience favourite is outside the top 4 chosen on the final pitch day, then there will be 5 overall winners selected.

Apply Here: Join Challenge

Or visit organiser’s page HERE.


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