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Girl who begged for school fees with placard gets scholarship

A 15-year-old Kenyan student who was pictured trekking on the streets of Nairobi with a placard requesting help with fees has received help from well-wishers.

The picture of the girl, Mellan Njeri, went viral.

Njeri, clad in full school uniform, moved from one street to the other hoping to raise the school fees arrears of KSh 29,000 required for her to be allowed back into school.

She is a Form Two student at Kihumbu-ini Secondary School in Murang’a county.

Well-wishers led by a philanthropist identified as Ndungu Nyoro, come together to contribute towards the teenager’s needs.

In a post on his Facebook page, the philanthropist revealed that he has received funds that will go towards clearing the balance so that the girl sits for her upcoming exams without worries.

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He disclosed that he had KSh 30,000 from one Dave Kim Kioko, which was enough to sort the arrears.

“We have also received KSh 10,000 from a friend in the diaspora towards the same, and another friend also sent KSh 5,000”, he wrote.

The good news does not end there as it emerged that an influential family had committed to seeing the brave girl clear high school.

In his words, that is a journey of friendship and faith that will, hopefully, bring a different story not only to Melanie but also to her mum and younger siblings.

“I pray one day her tears will be turned to tears of joy. Because she will overcome the shame of poverty. Kihumbu-ini Girls please take good care of our champ”, he maintained.

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