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How much is PS5 in Nigeria?

PS5 in Nigeria

Gaming consoles are so prevalent in Nigeria in recent times, this is why many players have to try to know how much PS5 costs in Nigeria.

PlayStation, among several other gaming consoles, is the most commonly accessed and owned by Sony.

The experience with PlayStation 4 has been viewed as extremely dynamic by so many users.

Just then, the introduction of PlayStation 5 by Sony has stepped-up gamers’ ecstasy.

This has created opportunities for people to start their own personal businesses in the gaming industry.

After unending debatable discussions by gaming experts and gaming fans on what the architecture and design of the next PlayStation, PS5, will look like, its design was unveiled by Sony in June 2020.

Features of PS5

After its release in September 2020, there are two varying prototypes of Playstation 5 and these are the Digital version and the Disk drive version (Standard version).

These two prototypes have similar designs and interface that is totally different from that of their predecessor, PS4.

Below are some of its distinguishing features;

Backward Compatibility

You may have made an intending decision to discard your old PS2, PS3, or PS4 game consoles. It’s good news that the latest PS5 can exhibit backward compatibility and you can easily access your old games or even decide to purchase any other lower version compatible games from PlayStation Store.


The PlayStation 5 comes with very interesting hardware features. With an 8-core CPU and a processor structure of an astounding last-gen’s AMD Zen 2, PS5 offers an actual ray trailing support that is present in its hardware.

In addition to this, it also has a GPU with a Custom Navi-based processor that enables better optimizations further than RX 5700 XT.

Storage Architecture

The PS5 comes with an amazing SSD drive of 825GB which is far bigger than most hard drives that come with PCs. It also has a RAM of 16GB GDDR6

Dual Sense wireless controller

Price of PlayStation (PS5) in Nigeria

Considering market instability in Nigeria, the price of PS5 can be as low as N420,000 for the digital version and as high as N650,000 for the Standard version which comes with a disk drive.

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