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‘My girlfriend keeps showing me chats of a guy asking her out’

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Relationship problem and sad boyfriend jealous

A Nigerian man has sought advice on a popular forum, Nairaland, claiming his girlfriend has been showing him chats from a guy asking her out.

In his post, the OP said; “Good evening Nairalanders, pls there is something that has been bothering me for sometime. My babe has been screenshotting the chat another guy has been asking her out. Please what is her motive of doing this? Is it to make me Jealous or to proof her loyalty to me? Please Nairalanders help me out here”.

Below are some responses from other users on the platform (call them advice if you wish);

chatinent: Dear Deputy Boyfriend, Anybody wey love you no go dey give en number out to another man, let alone dey hear chyking.

NobleSeed: na only screenshots them dey show my guy. The ones way the guy dey do from the other side she no dey show you ooh na screenshot, maybe seif na tinted screenshots seif.

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Sonnobax15: After yellow card, chebi na red card? Op, she’s only yellow-carding you so that if you venture fvck up, na red-card she go just knack you….

Like seriously,I warned my banny not to show me such shiit the very moment she wanted to show me her nonsense screenshot. Na me you wor give mumu heartbreak. Abi you wor try tell me say you get suitors wey dey disturb you.

MrBrownJay1: just like when you go to auction house…. if someone puts a higher bid, you can either raise your bid or fold and get out. the girl is making you understand that you gotta raise your game if you wanna keep her…. ball is in your court!

PS the fact that your girl doesnt block this fool is a sign that you’ve almost lost her already (whether with this guy or the next)

Marvyx: Get sense brother. Na the one she no like she dy show you, the sacred ones she enjoys, she no go tell you, she’ll keep them to replace you. Love with your head and not your heart so that when she proves us right that ladies are not loyal, you won’t have to worry about your heart.

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