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Prostitute arrested for stealing customer’s car in Nasarawa

The suspects

A 25-year-old prostitute, Emeerga Stella, has been arrested by operatives of the Force Intelligence Response Team, IRT, for masterminding the stealing of a 2014 Toyota Camry saloon car, driven by one of her clients, John Simon, who came to patronize her at a popular brothel at New Nyanya area of Nassarawa State.

It was gathered that Stella invited two of her male friends, Francis and Dodo, into her room when she discovered that Simon who was already drunk had fallen asleep and they stole the car key and made away with the car to an unknown destination.

Police sources disclosed that Simon, who was a mechanic working in Lafia area of Nasarawa State, was contracted by a car dealer to deliver the said car to his car stand at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, but he decided to spend the night with Stella, who was his regular customer in the last one year.

Having discovered that the car key and the car were missing when he woke up, Simon was said to have reported the theft at the New Nyanya Police station and he was subsequently detained alongside Stella, who denied knowing how the car was stolen.

In her testimony, Stella said; “I am from Kastina-Ala area of Benue state, I was married with two children. I was not doing anything, so one of my friends in Nasarrawa who was a prostitute called me to come over in November last year and I started to also hustle.

“I have lost count of the number of men that I have slept with but in a day if the market was booming, it would be up to eight men.

“We do not have a fixed charge, it depends on the bargaining power but I can sleep with a man for N500 if there is no customer especially during this coronavirus period that men ran away.

“On that day, Simon saw me hanging outside waiting for a customer and invited me to join him at the bar and later told me he wanted to spend the night with me. I resisted initially but since there was no customer, I obliged him.

“Around 1am, I heard someone knock at my door. I ignored it but the person knocked again and said he was Francis, Dodo’s friend.

“I opened the door and he asked me to help him collect water from the bar. I followed him and locked my door and then came back and we slept.

“It was in the morning when Simon had finished bathing and could not find the car key that I realized someone could have accessed my room through a hole on my door.

“When we stepped outside and discovered that the car was no longer where it was parked, we went to New Nyaya police station and reported the matter.

“Simon is my regular customer and we agreed that he would pay me N3000 that night”, she narrated

The owner of the vehicle was said to have written a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, when the police in Nasarawa State were foot dragging on the case and the IGP drafted operatives of the IRT led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, to look into the matter and recover the stolen vehicle.

The IRT operatives swung into action and arrested Francis Chukwu who also took part in stealing the car. The 30-year-old suspect in his confessions said; “we were four including Stella that planned to steal the car when the driver arrived the brothel.

“We planned it in a way to make it look as if Stella was innocent, that was why I pretended that I wanted water from her.

“She followed me out while the others quietly opened the door and took the key. Stella is a very nice girl, one of the best prostitutes that we have in that area.

“She told us that the man was very drunk, that we could try. I simply came to her door and knocked. I entered the room, he was awake but just lying there.

“I then went away with Stella pretending that I needed water, Dodo and Ezekiel then went in and took the key.

“They gave the car to one buyer who is on the run. Boys would hang around the brothel to steal from anyone who was careless. Most of the customers would sleep off and we would enter and rob them,” he stated

While narrating how the vehicle was stolen from him, Simon said; “I am a mechanic and also a driver. My customer called me to drive his car to Abuja.

“I decided to go and relax a bit with my customer Stella. I have known her for about a year. I know that she is a prostitute.

“We stopped at a bar and had a drink. She came and met me while I was with one of my friends. We went to her place and I didn’t know when someone entered into her room.

“I saw her when she left, but I didn’t bother to stand up and when she came back we made love aggressively after which I slept off immediately. I never knew when the guy knocked again.

“It was when I woke up that I discovered that the car key was missing. I reported the matter at the police station and I was arrested”.

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