The US Department of State — Bureau of Consular Affairs has included Nigeria in its list of ineligible countries to apply for the 2022 Visa Lottery.  A United States (US) federal judge had in September ordered the Donald Trump-led administration to resume issuing diversity visas for immigrants from underrepresented countries, […]

In recent years, the tech industry has been booming. The world is gradually becoming a digital hub. However, while the Tech companies or industry is booming financially, Nigeria is still missing out on a great deal of opportunities. Here are 10 Tech opportunities (in no particular order) not yet explored […]

If you own a WordPress website in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, and always disregard updating your site’s plugin, then you need to read this. Most website owners are careless about their site plugin performance. When reminded to update their WordPress plugins, these are their most common responses. “My […]

Johnson Chukwu, Managing Director of Cowry Asset Management Limited on Thursday said his hope was that the 2021 budget would pull Nigeria out of the recession that was likely. Chukwu spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, against the backdrop of the 2021 budget estimates presented by […]

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has appointed American Randy Waldrum as the new coach of the women’s football team, Super Falcons. Former midfielder Waldrum has worked largely within the American women’s football circle and was head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago national team between 2014 and 2016. He will […]

Football is a global thing. Football is full of energy and emotions. It is one of those sports that makes the world standstill. For one, football fosters unity, and experts have explained how football can connect humanity. Coming down to the Nigerian scene, football is more than this. Football has […]

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