Terms of Service

Lanre News (henceforth “we”, “us”, “our”) is a news website covering latest news in Nigeria, Africa and Around the World.

These Terms of Service (ToS) apply when you use our website irrespective of the medium you are accessing it with.

Medium, in this case, include: website, mobile application (coming later) and other online services provided by us.

Your use of our platform indicates you have read through and understood the content of our ToS.

1. General

We retain the sole right to change this ToS anytime without any obligation of informing you.

The new ToS shall take effect immediately it is published. Therefore, your use of our service at the time shall be considered that you have agreed to the new ToS.

2. Compliance

The use of our service translates that you shall in no way use any of the information extracted for unlawful or prohibited activities.

We retain copyright on all publications on our website and it shall be deemed an infringement of our rights if you use our materials without permission.

3. Privacy

By using the Services, you indicate that you understand the information collection, use, and disclosure practices as highlighted in our Privacy Policy.

4. Discussion And Submission Guidelines

Our news platform allows readers to submit suggestions and comments on posts.

All of your comments shall be your own opinion and we shall take no responsibility for such publication.

Also, by posting anything whatsoever, you give us the automatic right to display it both on ur platform and that of third parties.

5. Copyright

Everything on our platform including third party posts is protected by copyright. This is guided by the Nigeria copyright law and other copyright law as applied in your country (for non-Nigerians).

In case we publish anything that infringes your copyright, do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]

6. Third-Party Content and Links

Our website may contain third-party publication. Lanre News does in no way endorse, sponsor, or recommend. We also do not take responsibility for any of them such as Google Ads. All are regulated by the third party ToS and Privacy policy.

All interactions with such publication shall be your decision and we shall be in no way answerable to any resulting situation afterwards. However, we try our best to ensure your safety on our website.


We provide our service in a manner that do not warrant it will be error-free, uninterrupted or inaccurate. Belief and use of the information we provide are at your own peril with no influence from us.

However, we do our best to provide you with the best service as much as we can.

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