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Why I enjoy cheating with married men, serial mistress opens up

A self-confessed serial mistress has opened up about cheating with married men – saying that she enjoys the excitement of sleeping with women’s husbands.

Gweneth Lee, 49, has admitted that she feels no remorse for her actions and says she would rather be out cheating than having fun at home.

Ever since her four-year relationship ended in 2017, Gwyneth says she’s had “affair after affair” with numerous married men.

These include top businessmen and hoteliers, who have lavished her with gorgeous gifts.

And she says she feels no shame in doing it.

Opening up in an interview with The Sun UK, Gweneth said: “My lifestyle has enabled me to enjoy male company and exciting sex without putting up with the mundanity of “normal” life — rows over who’ll take the bins out and dreary chat about childcare. At this point, I’m not sure I could bear that.

“Some people might be ashamed or fear judgment about being a serial mistress, but I’m open about what I do — I own my life choices.

“I think about the people who criticise me and wonder: ‘Are you happy at home watching This Morning? Or don’t you crave excitement, like me?'”

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Gweneth says she enjoys the thrill of fancy restaurants and secret texts that come with the affairs.

She has also had quite a few lavish experiences thanks to the married men she sees.

This includes a trip Marrakech where one man took her shopping in the markets and bought her gifts worth more than £150,000 in one weekend.

While on another occasion, one of her lovers went to ­Harrods and bought her a £25,000 Cartier bracelet as he thought she’d fallen out with him.

Gweneth, who says she’s never go after a friend’s man, was formerly happily married but at age 31, she lost her husband Rob, a computer business owner, to cancer.

She admits it’s “possible” that losing the love of her life pushed me towards more casual relationships as she suffered “huge amounts of separation anxiety” when he died.

“I think it’s beautiful to be able to get married, have children and have that marital bliss — but there are a lot of us who don’t need that. Being a mum was never my priority,” admits Gweneth.

She says she has tried traditional ­dating but it made her “miserable”.

Gweneth says single men “look at their phones constantly” and “brag about their conquests”, whereas with married men, she doesn’t have to “compete” with anyone as “usually the sex has gone at home”.

She also admits she doesn’t feel guilty, saying she often provides the intimacy that’s lacking in the men’s marriages. Gweneth also argues that she “doesn’t know” these women.

“My belief is that people become complacent in marriages and that’s what causes cheating,” she says.

“That’s when they go looking for others — don’t blame me if I’m there to pick up the pieces.

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