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African Problems Must Be Solved By Africans ― South Africa’s Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa and Merkel

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has stated that the Africa continent’s problem can only be solved by local solutions.

Mr Ramaphosa while commenting on Libya’s situation said there must be African solutions to African problems.

“As Africans we would always like to see African problems being resolved by Africans. There has to be African solutions to those problems. The Libyan problem is a unique one because we have a number of other countries outside of Africa involved in that conflict,” he said.

Ramaphosa made the remarks when he welcomed Chancellor Angela Merkel in Pretoria Thursday.

“Germany is South Africa’s second largest trading partner, a major investor in our economy, a significant tourism market for us as South Africans, and a most valued developmental partner.

I’m pleased to say that German investors have not disappointed us. They have expanded their presence in our economy and they are deepening their contribution into job growth,” Ramaphosa said.

South Africa is Germany’s most important economic ally in Africa. Of the 2% of German exports to the continent, South Africa alone accounts for 1.2%.

Merkel begun her tour of southern Africa Thursday and is expected to visit Angola next.

[African News]

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