I would have shot my father if not for the law ― Ghanaian small-sized actor

A Ghanaian small-sized actor has been reported to have said he could have shot his biological father dead but only discouraged by the stiff penalty of the nation’s law against murder.

Samuel Dabo (a.k.a: Yaw Dabo) was reported to have narrated that his father left him and his two siblings; thus leaving their mother as the sole bread winner.

The father however, came back to beg and amend the past after the actor has became successful in his acting career.

“I am the first child of three children and it has taken the grace of God for us all to be successful after our father left us. I am able to provide for my mum despite how tough the movie industry has become and built a three-bedroom house for her,” he reportedly said on a Ghanaian radio station.

“My mum recently called me seeking forgiveness and support for my father after he confessed his admiration of my hard work and talent in the movie industry. But, I asked myself, would he have looked for me or my siblings if he hadn’t seen me on TV?” he added.

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