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10 European Players You Won’t Believe Are From Africa

Some European footballers originate from African countries but decided to be playing for European national teams.

Such players are born in European countries but to African parents. Here is a list of 10 European players you won’t believe are from Africa.

1. N’Golo KantĂ©

Born on the 29th of March 1991, the European footballer, Ngolo Kanté is currently 31 years old. He was born in Paris, France but his parents originate from Mali.

Ngolo KantĂ© plays for France’s national team and he is currently playing for Chelsea football club. He won the Man of the match honour in the 2021 champion’s league final.

2. Renato SANCHES

Born on August 18, 1997, the European footballer, Renato SANCHES plays for the Portugal national team. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal but originates from Cape Verde.

Renato SANCHES was firstly selected by the Portugal national team on March 25, 2016. He currently plays for Lille Osc-FRANCE football club as a midfielder. He won the Best young player of the Euro honor in 2016.

3. Moussa Dembélé

Moussa Dembélé was born in Pontoise, France on the 21st of July 1996. His country of origin is MALI. He plays for France national team and Lyon football club.

4. Paul Pogba

Born on 15 March 1993, the European superstar Paul Pogba currently plays for the France national team.

Paul Labile Pogba was born in Lagny-sur-marne in France. He originates from GUINEA and was born to Muslim parents of GUINEA origin. 

He currently plays as a midfielder for Manchester United club. He led the France national team to victory in the FIFA world cup in 2018.

5. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku was born and raised in Antwerp in Belgium on 13 May 1993 to parents of Congo origin. 

He has a record of having scored up to 50 goals in the English pro league. Romelu Lukaku plays as a striker for Belgium national team and Chelsea football club.

6. Dele Alli

Dele Alli, with the full name Bamidele Jermaine Alli, is an English player born on April 11, 1996, at Molton Keynes in England.

His father, Kehinde originates from NIGERIA while his mother Demise is an English woman.

Dele Alli plays for the England national team and Everton football club. He holds the position of an attacking Midfielder. He won the Milton Keynes Dons Player of the year in 2015.

7. Danilo Pereira

With the full name Danilo Luis Helio Pereira, the Portuguese footballer was born in Bissau, GUINEA-BISSAU on September 9, 1991.

He plays for the Portugal national team and he’s currently in the Paris Saint-Germain football club. 

With number “15”, Danilo holds both the defensive midfielder and center-back positions.

8. William Carvalho

Born on the 7th of April, 1992, William Carvalho is a Portuguese player of Angola origin. He was born in Luanda, Angola but plays for the Portugal national team. He also holds the defensive midfielder position in Betis club.

William Carvalho actively took part in the achievement of Portugal in 2019 as the winner of the UEFA Nation’s League.

9. Nani

Nani is a Portuguese player who was born in Amadora, Portugal on November 17, 1986, to Cape Verdean parents.

He plays for Portugal national team and currently plays as a winger for the Venezia football club.

10. Moussa Sissoko

Moussa Sissoko was born at Le Blanc-Mesnil in France on the 16th of August, 1989 to MALIAN parents. 

He plays as a Midfielder for Watford FC and the France national team. He can run long distances, hence, can play as a Midfielder and an attacking wing-back.

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