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Free Online Tools to Scan WordPress Site for Virus and Other Malware Threats

Free Online Tools to Scan WordPress Site for Virus and Other Threats | Lanre News

Your WordPress site is prone to malware attacks, just like anything else that goes to the internet.

Even when you don’t notice, hackers attempt various means of gaining unauthorized access to your site.

Their goal could be anything, but the mission is to take control of your website.

Various antimalware tools are, however, available to help you fight against these malware attacks by fraudsters. Each software performs its tasks in its unique way.

The goal is to help protect your WordPress website from virus attacks. Any antivirus software you decide to use depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

Free antimalware tools are available that can help you protect your website from threats.

Why Do You Need These Tools?

Your WordPress website may be a repository for sensitive information submitted by users. You must protect this information as well as the trust they have in you.

Others can try promoting their content on your site through backlinks, redirects, or advertisements.

Prevent the possibility of unauthorized users from eating into your bandwidth.

Without preventing unwanted access to your WordPress website, Google or services like Norton can blacklist your site.

Earlier, effective and efficient scans can prevent your site from being hacked.

Antimalware scanners can come as plugins, and part of your WordPress site bundle, or as separate tools for scanning your website.

Tools Used as WordPress Plugins

Plugins installed in WordPress websites have access to the server as well as the hosting environment.

These plugins give options that include the setting up of scanning rules, concise automation, and complete scanning that ensures maximum security of your database.

WordPress, by default, has security measures, but it is nothing when compared to the benefits of using added plugins.

Most of the plugins serve for malware scanning, scanning your files, blacklist monitoring, brute force attack protection, firewall management, and active security monitoring.

Some of the free WordPress plugins that you can use to protect your website from malware include:


This tool is a free plugin that offers cloud-based scanning. Malcare is a high tech WordPress site scanner that functions by screening all your files and database to find malware.

It is very beneficial because the plugins don’t slow your website down since it uses Malcare’s cloud servers to screen for vulnerabilities.


Wordfence security plugin comprehensively scans the website and all related files, including image files and your source code.

It has an adequate defence feed that is continuously updated, to identify suspicious software.

Wordfence quickly notifies you of any attack on your WordPress website.


It cleanses your WordPress website of suspicious and malicious scripts. Quttera also hides threats and notifies you, if you’re on any blacklist.

Quttera offers detailed investigation feedback upon completion of a scan. This feedbacks comes with recommendations for corrective actions.

Tools That Scan Your WordPress Website Separately

These are classified as remote scanners and can do a series of scans and show security flaws.

Most of these scanners work in a similar style- by entering the URL of your website on their webpage.

It will take a few moments to scan your WordPress site and generate an appropriate report about your website security status.

Several vulnerabilities show up in the feedback and often come with recommendations of actions you can undertake to deal with existing threats.

Free remote scanning tools available for WordPress website include these.


Sucuri is very popular for securing WordPress websites, and it compiles regular and complex vulnerability reports. The scanner functions by comparing all the available pages with the Sucuri database and gives you feedback on any irregularities.

The scan report always suggests how you should handle any discovered irregularities.

WP Sec Scan

It is particularly efficient and effective for WordPress websites. On navigating to their webpage, presents an opportunity to either submit your website URL for immediate scanning, or you can sign up for their free/premium account.

Registering only a free account qualifies you for a weekly scan. If one is managing multiple websites, you can quickly check their status from the dashboard. You’ll also be notified by email of any bug or when your WordPress installation is due for an update.

UpGuard Cloud Scanner

It checks the WordPress website for any security threats. UpGuard Cloud Scanner screens your domain records, mail ports, and DNS, which can hijack your domain name or exploit your site.

On completion of the above, it checks and deals with any known threatening and malicious code, malware patterns, suspicious links, and phishing attempts.

Final Thoughts

These free tools help give you safe and secure your WordPress website. The role of each of the tools above is to detect malicious code and protect you against threats.

It’s important to note that nothing can guarantee your website is entirely free from attacks.

You must regularly scan for any new threats, and have an eye for any unauthorised activities going on in your website.


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