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Plugins To Make Your WordPress Site Multilingual

The world is a global village where information can travel in a matter of seconds far and wide.

If you run a website that is limited to one language, then the traffic generated is restricted to a particular set of users.

It is advisable to have multiple languages on your website to accommodate a larger audience. You can build an international audience link by setting up multiple language channels.

This in turn will boost traffic to your site traffic and for e-commerce owners, this will literally translate to more leads generated. 

Multilingual Plug-Ins Excellent For WordPress

1. TranslatePress

This plug-in allows you to easily switch languages during translation, which is a good advantage. Although the company offers a free version, it is very limited allowing you to translate to just one other language.

The pro version offers more but at an expensive rate.

2. BuddyPress Multilingual

This plug-in works with multi-site and single-site. Users have the chance to run a child blog and main blog in multiple languages.

However, users complained saying that some things were a little confusing and some features seemed very outdated and a bit archaic. 


3. Google Website Translator

This program features inline help assistance for both the admin and the audience, and it has a straightforward setup.

A major concern from users is that Translations appear to be accurate for shorter sentences and words but not so much for longer sentences and paragraphs.  

4. Polylang

By clicking a button, the preferred language is activated by the system. RTL language scripts are also supported, but the downside to this is that it can be complicated to operate.

5. Loco Translate

This is slightly different from others, which allows you to translate WordPress themes and plug-ins. A reoccurring issue with users is that not all themes work well with the plugin.

6. Transposh WordPress Translation

This combines both automated machine translations with manual translations.

Consumers have complained that certain themes don’t easily work with the plugin.


This is so powerful that it allows you to translate content, themes, plug-ins, and more. With WPML, you have access to a multilingual blog and Multilingual CMS licensing plans.

Two complaints stand out with users; one the plugin is expensive and two; it can be hard to understand in the beginning.

8. Weglot

This is a cloud-based plugin for translation that works with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

This means you will have to use the Weglot plugin to translate your content and manage your translations and go live on your website.

A major concern with the plugin is first; costly plans and second; you lose translations once your plan expires.

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