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Top 10 Tech Opportunities Still Missing Out in Nigeria

Top 10 Tech Opportunities Still Missing Out in Nigeria | Lanre News

In recent years, the tech industry has been booming. The world is gradually becoming a digital hub.

However, while the Tech companies or industry is booming financially, Nigeria is still missing out on a great deal of opportunities.

Here are 10 Tech opportunities (in no particular order) not yet explored maximally in Nigeria;

10. Artificial Intelligence

Although Nigerians are beginning to wake up to this Tech industry but compared to the developed countries, we are just getting started.

This Technology industry is almost untapped as far as Nigeria is concerned.

This is going to be a very big and profit juicy industry. The world is evolving gradually into an automated system. This is literally what the AI industry is about.

AI basically involves machines doing the work or having the intelligence of man.

9. Software Engineer

Software engineers are computer professionals who implement certain principles of software engineering, programming language or tools for the development of computer software.

A typical software engineer would be able to develop several software programs, computer games. According to a credible source (US department of labour), over one million software engineers were employed in 2019.

As long as digital devices still exist, software engineers will never go hungry. A lucrative Tech industry that needs more exploring in Nigeria.

8. Data Analyst

Every company or business uses data. Most giant countries rely on data before they push a product or service to the marketplace.

This is where the Data Analyst comes in. Companies are craving for competent data analysts.

Businesses crave for Data analysts on a local and global scale because they literally help businesses reduce risk when they intend to launch a product or service to the marketplace.

Several businesses in Nigeria are suffering because of lack of enough or competent data analysts.

7. Information Security Analyst

Super lucrative industry today more than ever. They help companies/businesses protect their information or data from online hackers.

Every company needs one today with a frightful increase in internet fraud and hacking activities.

A large number of businesses are online; thus, they need the service of the Information Security Analyst as they help with securing their website and social media platforms from hackers.

This is an industry that is yet to be fully tapped into in Nigeria.

6. PHP Developer

They use dynamic programming language to build a website based on the function or role that the site needs to carry out.

They connect website or web servers to its application. PHP developers are also known as web developers.

5. Network and System Administrator

They are highly important in every organization as they help install, organize and support an organization’s computer systems.

This means that they ensure the workers in a specific company’s work environment or system is connected to the central system or computer in the company.

They ensure that company emails and data are stored properly. Companies consult them as to what hardware/software is best for the company.

4. Tech Sales Engineer

Sales is the lifeline of every business. Tech Sales Engineer help businesses develop the right products/ideas that sell in the marketplace via the right strategy or technology.

They are responsible for finding or liaising with clients. They are basically salespeople with tech background.

They are responsible for making sales demo quite convincing or captivating.

3. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer works with software developers, system operators, and production IT staff to oversee code releases and deployments.

DevOps engineer typically has background knowledge in the software developing and IT while maintaining a cordial relationship in the industry with the IT and software development department.

2. Computer System Analyst

They consult with companies. They look at the company’s systems and IT system and figure out a way to make them work more efficiently or effectively. Every industry or company needs one of those.

1. Computer Research Scientist

They innovate new systems or approach to the computing industry or technology. 

This is a highly lucrative and valuable Tech opportunity that is needed in business, medicine, governmental offices and other fields.  

They analyse computer problems (Hardware/Software) and give solutions using innovative means to improve the work station or environment.


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