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Grinding stone: Why most women prefer blenders

Some women in the FCT have expressed their love for the use of blenders against using grinding stones, which some say keeps food natural.

In Nigeria, there are traditional methods of milling food items, the grinding stone and the mortar.

The former is usually fashioned from hard stones or rocks.

To use the grinding stone, one has to kneel or bend forward, holding the upper millstone with both hands, and work it forward and backward in the hollow of the grinding stone to form a paste or powdery item.

These stones have been used for ages and are still in use.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a survey conducted in Abuja, had some women recount their experiences while using the stone at the early stages of their lives.

Mrs Benedicta Jonah, a resident of Garki, said that she used the grinding stone while growing up in the village,  adding that she had not  used it since she left the village. 

“I cannot use the grinding stone in the city because technology has made things easy for me, so I don’t stress myself.

“Using blender saves time, energy and it is faster,” she said.

Mrs Ndidi Eze, a civil servant,  said she does not use the grinding stone because of modern technology.

“We have different machines that have replaced the grinning stone,” she said.

Similarly, Mrs Grace Ade, who resides  in Gwarimpa, said she loved using the grinding stone when she was growing up but because of the stress, she preferred using the blender now. 

She, however, added that the grinding stone grinds finely than blenders and the taste it gives is natural.

Mr Abdullaman Kadiri, told NAN that he would not allow his wife go through the stress of using grinding stone, when there are blenders to make it easier.

“We have the grinding stone, which was a wedding gift but I can’t allow my wife use it because of the stress associated with it,” he said. 

Kadiri said though he missed the unique taste grinding stone gives to food, but the blender was preferable.


Mrs Mary Anoko, a resident of Gwagwalada, said that the grinding stone was the best as at the time she was growing up, adding that she intended to get one soon because of the different taste it added to food.

“If I had the grinding stone, I will use it because I prefer it to the mortar or blender,” she said.

Similarly, Mrs Abigail Joshua, said she had been using the grinding stone since she was a child but the stone became old at some point.

She added that she was going to buy another grinding stone because of the taste it gave to her food.

According to her, using the grinding stone is also a form of exercise for her.

She also said that the peppery effect of using the stone was a challenge but the use of gloves had made it easy.

“In those days, we licked a pinch of salt to reduce the peppery effect but now with the use of gloves it is easier,” she said.

However, women in Gbau Kuchi in Kuje Area council, told NAN that they  only know the grinding stone.

Sarah Abu, a mother of five, said that the grinding stone is all she knows except the big “engine” used for grinding maize or millet.

She said that the grinding stone was an essential item in every home.

“Look outside all the houses, you will find one or two, everybody has one at least.”
An elderly woman in the community, Madam Hauwawu, told NAN that the mortar  and grinding were a symbol for every marriage in the community.

“We believe that a woman must have these items in the things she is taking to her matrimonial home, to ensure she lives there till death.

“There will be nothing like divorce if you have these items with you, that is our belief here.”

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