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Most Visited News Websites in Nigeria

Most Visited News Websites in Nigeria is the most visited website in Nigeria and around the world for obvious reasons. Guessing? Well, you are probably reading this article thanks to the reason ― SEARCH.

However, Google is not a news site, at least the majority of its traffic is not from its news platform, Google News.

Here are the most visited news websites in Nigeria based on Alexa ranking.

1. Legit

Legit (formerly is an online news platform in Nigeria without a print publication.

The platform ( has a wide readership among young news readers with most of them attracted to the platform because of its social media friendly contents.

The website on its About Us page claimed every 3rd Internet user in Nigeria is a reader and that every 4th Nigerian who is on Facebook is a page subscriber.

2. Punch Newspaper

The Punch ( is one of the oldest privately owned Nigerian daily newspaper. It was founded in 1971 by two friends, James Aboderin, an accountant, and Sam Amuka, a veteran journalist.

Amuka will later leave to start Vanguard Newspaper (, another widely read news site in Nigeria.

The news site and paper is widely read in the South Western region of Nigeria.

3. Daily Post

Daily Post news site is a publication of Daily Post Media Limited, a Nigerian Company. The company at present has no print version.

However, its online version is doing fantastic so far. For some time, before this publication, the site has the most traffic for a news site in Nigeria.

4. Vanguard Newspaper

Vanguard Newspaper is one of the most read newspaper in Nigeria. It sales slogan is “The Best Read Newspaper”, a slight contrast to Punch Newspaper’s “The Most Read Newspaper”.

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The company was started by Sam Amuka in 1983.

According to EasyCounter, the website ( was created on December 06, 1999.

Its stronghold is the South East and South South region of Nigeria.

5. The Nation Newspaper

Although regarded as a privately owned newspaper in Nigeria, Nigerians have some sentiment for The Nation Newspaper because of one of its shareholders, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a chieftain of the All Progressive Party (APC).

That aside, The Nation News site ( is widely read by Nigerians. It sits in the top 30 of Alexa ranking at the time of this publication.

The newspaper covers business and economy, public policies, the democratic process and institutions of democracy, sports, arts and culture.

6. Premium Times

Premium Times ( gained limelight in Nigeria because of its investigative reports.

It is also well known for its fact-check report published under its Dubawa project.

The website is one of Facebook third-party fact-checker censoring contents posted by Facebook users in Nigeria.

According to EasyCounter, the website was created on March 18, 2014.

7. BBC

British Broadcasting Corporation ( needs no introduction. Its wide readership in Nigeria can be attributed to the volume of local contents it generates even though it is a British news media.

The platform aside from English also presents its contents in all the three languages in Nigeria (Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo).

8. Nairametrics

Nairametrics ( is more popular among business professionals for its special business contents and financial analysis. The website publication was founded in 2013 by Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu.

We know you might be asking yourself where is Lanre News on the list. Well, we can tell you we are coming up. Watch out for the time this post will be updated to include us (#wink).


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