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Naira to Dollar Black Market Exchange Rate Today and How to Buy [Updated Daily]

The Naira to Dollar exchange rate in the black market is usually higher than the official rate by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

It is also surprising that Nigerian banks usually charge higher than the CBN stipulated price whenever you make an international purchase using the Naira Debit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Verve).

The latest Naira to dollar exchange rate stipulated by CBN and the Aboki’s (Black Market) are listed below. At the end of the table, we will also guide you on how to buy dollar for any foreign transaction with ease.

DateCBN RateBlack Market Rate
13/9/2022₦427.51 (Buying)
₦428.51 (Selling)
₦693.042 (Buying)
₦710 (Selling)
12/9/2022₦427.1 (Buying)
₦428.1 (Selling)
11/9/2022₦427.1 (Buying)
₦428.1 (Selling)
10/9/2022₦427.1 (Buying)
₦428.1 (Selling)
9/9/2022₦427.1 (Buying)
₦428.1 (Selling)
8/9/2022₦426.76 (Buying)
₦427.76 (Selling)
7/9/2022₦426.43 (Buying)
427.43 (Selling)
6/9/2022₦425.61 (Buying)
₦426.61 (Selling)
5/9/2022₦425.28 (Buying)
₦426.28 (Selling)
4/9/2022₦423.55 (Buying)
425.55 (Selling)
LanreNews cannot guarantee the actual estimate of this Naira to Dollar rates. The BlackMarket rate is an average as gathered online.

How to buy Dollars with Naira in Nigeria

The dollar spending for a Nigerian debit card is $20 monthly. It is now nearly impossible to purchase dollar in Nigeria, but do not worry, read on for some tips.


PayPal is not active in Nigeria except for payment. It is impossible to receive payment and also since there is a limit on your debit card, it may not be possible for a typical Nigerian.

However, there are ways to open a PayPal account despite being in Nigeria. These individuals can be approached for PayPal fund purchase.

Since most international platforms accept PayPal payment, you can contact Nigerians with PayPal account to help you with your checkout.

You pay them Naira equivalent and then have your eBay or any other platform checkout completed.

For instant purchase of PayPal fund or eBay checkout, contact TRC Exchange on WhatsApp (+2348117464419).


Payoneer fund is another way to get dollar in Nigeria. Although there are lesser international platforms accepting Payoneer payment when compared with PayPal, it is easier for Nigerians to operate a Payoneer account.

You can open one and buy Payoneer funds from freelancers, which you later withdraw to your Nigerian Dollar account.

For instant purchase of Payoneer funds, contact TRC Exchange on WhatsApp (+2348117464419).

Direct dollar purchase

You can purchase dollars from Aboki’s or any Nigerian with a dollar account. These individuals prefer selling their dollar to people that need it instead of selling at the CBN rate.

Aboki exchangers are more likely to sell the dollar to you in cash, after which you deposit it in your dollar account.

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