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Nations Cup: Amputee footballers promise Nigerians good outing in Angola

Nigeria National Amputees Team

Sarafadeen Oyeleke, the new Captain of of the national Amputee football team, has promised Nigerians that they should expect a brilliant performance from the team in the upcoming 2019 Cup of Nations for Amputee Football (CANAF) in Angola.

Oyeleke, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos, said that the team had undergone rigorous training which was different from the obtained in the past.

“Nigerians should be optimistic. I believe we will make the nation proud at the forthcoming Nations Cup in Angola.

“This camping is different from the ones we have had in the past in terms of discipline, moral values and attitude. We all have a positive mindset toward what we are doing.

“We had a friendly match with an U-17 team on Wednesday and we were able to play five against two, which gives us the confidence that we are fit and ready to face any team in the tournament.

“With God on our side, Nigerians should expect a good play out there in Angola,” he said.

The captain added that the team would be experiencing a lot of changes in the area of training.

He said that the training for the team would not be limited to the pitch alone.

“During my tenure as captain, there will be a lot of changes and more of practical training.

“There will be seminars, workshops and series of programmes will be outlined for the team.

“Even if I am not around because I am based in Turkey, I have an assistant that will help keep the flag flying.

“More of well organised camps just like this one we are in now, everyone can attest that it is different from the past campings.

“The team is wearing a brand new look and people should expect a brand new performance from the team,” he said.

Austin Ugwu, Assistant Captain of the team, also added that Nigerians should expect the team would come back with the trophy.

He added that the level of the preparedness of the team gave him the confidence of their performance in Angola.

“We have trained very hard, we have disciplined ourselves to give our best and if possible we going to get the Cup.

“We have really built up compared to when we were not in camp. Our games have improved tactically in strength and speed.

“The camp really helped us. Nigerians should expect that we will get the Cup and I am certain about it,” he said.

CANAF will hold in Angola from Oct. 1 to Oct 16.

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