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NBS Yet To Release Nigerian Unemployment Data Since Q3 2018

Updated with NBS Statistical Information Officer, Moses Mathew response.

The National Bureau of Statistics, unlike previous years, has failed to release the data for the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

Unemployment statistics, as discovered on the board’s e-library is a stats documented quarterly.

The unemployment statistics were released in four quarters between 2015 and 2017 and in three quarters in 2018 after which it was abruptly stopped.

No record throughout the year 2019, while other statistics released by NBS did not stop.

An analysis of the released statistics between 2016 and 2018 revealed a successive increase.

Nigeria Unemployment Rate

Whether the Bureau is scared of releasing an escalated figure or covering up something else, remains unknown.

President Muhammadu Buhari at a campaign rally in Kano and other places promised to create three million jobs yearly to solve the problem of unemployment.

This was prior to his first term in office.

The vice president, Prof Yemi Osibanjo, at a campaign rally in Akure, also pledged 20,000 jobs yearly totalling 720,000.

Lanre News contacted the NBS Statistical Information Officer, Moses Mathew via the email provided on the Bureau’s website to enquire the reason the unemployment statistics were not released, but no response till the time of filing this report; and that has been six days ago.

Two days after publication of this article, Mathew finally replied saying; ” Be more patient until it is released.”

Another email sent to the Head, Public Affairs & International Relation Unit, Sunday J. Ichedi failed to deliver.

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