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Ogun NIPR Calls For Stronger Institution In Nigeria

By Kehinde Ogunyale

As part of the effort to restructure Nigeria’s political and economic instabilities, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relation Practitioners (NIPR) in Ogun state have advocated for stronger institutions, independent enough to discharge responsibilities towards the development of the country.

The institute made the declaration in a one-day colloquium tagged ‘strengthening Nigeria’s institution: PR Dimension’, held in Abeokuta, Ogun state which gathered practitioners and students across the state.

The chairman of the chapter, Lekan Togunwa, in his address, said that the major aim of the colloquium was to highlight various aspects in which public relations could be used to rebuild Nigeria social institution.

“Our aim at this event is not to talk about our obvious but perennial challenges as a people but to make a public summary of our discussion which we hope will make for a shift in the handling of our country’s affairs and ultimately usher in a new dawn in the country’s public sector.

“You will agree with me that most of the issues that are drawing us back for many years still subsist.

“Confidence in the country is on downward progression; ethnic relationships are in turmoil and interest of the citizenry to work for the good of our nationhood is out of the equation. There is so much tension in the land.

“Our major aim today is looking at how Public Relations can be used in rebuilding Nigeria’s social institutions so as to fast track genuine progress and development.”

The institute, in a communiqué issued, said “Strongmen are capable of driving democracy.

“Rather than strong men, Africa and by extension, Nigeria needs visionary leaders that will build a virile democracy.

“A democracy with strong institutions would be able to produce the essential elements of a fully democratic government through proper separation of powers, thereby enabling a system which allows for checks and balances of the various arms of government.

It is essential that the judicial, legislative and executive arms of government work hand in hand, albeit independent of one another.

“Nigeria requires capable, reliable, efficient and transparent institutions; strong and viable legislature; honest police force; independent press; a vibrant private sector and a civil society to give life to our democracy.

“To strengthen Nigeria’s institution, we need to define “National Interest”.

“The monumental institutional collapse being witnessed in Nigeria today is due to the fact that the structure could not hold the vision as designed by the architect of our nation.

“Thus, an entity with an effective structure loses its functionality.

“The needs to strengthen Nigeria institution for socio-political and economic purpose are essential in order to guarantee social security and improvement of standards living of the citizens.

The also stated the need for placing National Interest before Personal Interest. This it advised will help to nation galvanize potentials and achievement of common goals.

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