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Paedophile dad murders daughter for going on date

A paedophile dad fatally shot his daughter in the face after she went on a date because “he wanted her for himself”, a court has heard.

Ronald McMullen, 45, has been convicted of murdering ex-cheerleader Kailee McMullen, 22, at his home in Oklahoma, US.

A jury has recommended that he should receive a life sentence.

He had pleaded not guilty to the crime, and claimed that she accidentally shot herself.

But, when cops were called to the scene in June 2017, Norman police Lt. Chris Vinson said he was immediately suspicious that McMullen was involved, as he was covered in blood and let his wife, Karen, answer questions for him.

At his murder trial at Cleveland County District Court, his lawyer, Michael Johnson, said Kailee shot herself and that gunshot residue on her hand supported that theory.

But prosecutor Jacobi Whatley disputed that claim.

A Norman police officer testified that McMullen moved his daughter’s body and phoned his wife before calling 911.

The court was told that there were “some dynamics in their relationship that were disturbing,” according to the Norman Transcript.

Prosecutor Jennifer Austin explained: “This was years and years of a relationship that was very difficult and very controlling.

“You can tell in the text messages that it was almost like a controlling boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.”

These hinted that Kailee had challenged her dad about the alleged abuse.

Prior to her death, she told friends, and a former boyfriend, that her dad had sexually and physically assaulted her months before she was killed, Cleveland County court was told.

People reports that a police affidavit against McMullen alleged that he molested Kailee in 2007, when she was 14, but charges were never filed against him.

Text messages revealed to the court showed that Kailee had gone on a date the night before she was killed.

They suggested that her dad had threatened to get her and bring her back home – as she was living with her grandparents in a house behind his, reports Metro.

It’s believed she arrived at his home at about 1am on the night that she was fatally shot.

Her father said they’d both drunk a lot of alcohol.

[Source: The Sun UK.]

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