Reactions as Nigerians express discontent at Access Bank mode of transaction

Access Bank is one of the prominent banks in Nigeria and not long ago, the Bank merged with another well-used bank by Nigerians, Diamond.

Nigerians have however taken to the social media to express their discontent at how the bank operates and illicitly debit accounts for reasons only the bank can explain.

Read their reactions below;

The day I actually started respecting #Accessbank was the day they withdrew 890 from my account as sms charge for a month!— Sugar Daddy Of LAGOS ? (@Femi_Dapson) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank I opened an account since August at winners area Ota and I haven’t been given my debit card despite been charged for it, but with what I have heard lately and seen this morning, please keep the account, card and the remaining #80 balance.. I no do again— BAYNE (@AyoPlayDirty) October 10, 2019

I’m an @myaccessbank user, nd what I do know for sure is, since that merger with diamond bank, #Accessbank bank has been utterly disgraceful, sluggish or not working ATMs, slow reversal of debit errors, slow network, I don’t even understand anymore.— Edirin David (@EdirinDeuce) October 10, 2019

This is the bank i bank with but their atm declined dispensing cash to me when it was dispensing to other banks customers. Another bank’s atm paid me. What a joke! #Accessbank— C h I e f P r I e s t (@Gen_Xanda) October 10, 2019

I have been debited twice for a card I never applied for. Fix it! #Accessbank— Mey Udom (@swt_bbieeeee) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank just give us our Diamond Bank back we no want do again.— Ifeanyi. (@inc051) October 10, 2019

And so my sister sent some money to my account to run some errands for her, it’s been more than 24hours now and I am yet to receive the money. Before now, I’ve been having issues withdrawing from your ATMs, it’s always from one problem to another. #Accessbank— DeborahMbamara (@LadyDebsy) October 10, 2019

Somebody said that power bank is more reliable than Access Bank. HayGowd? #Accessbank— Tuka Loanyie (@TukaLoanyie) October 10, 2019

I stop operating my account with them immediately after my NYSC because of this alert issue and fund reversing. They are still in the old age #Accessbank— Engr. Charles (@UncleCharlie_20) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank my bank any day, anytime!

The only bank that debits me at the ATM without dispensing.

The only bank that debits for airtime purchase and I never get it

The only bank that send me alerts the late#Accessbank your access to the world!— Boda Wale The Perfume Guy (@profmowsix) October 10, 2019

Access bank I will never forgive,a girl I have been following since the beginning of this year finally agreed and said I shld send her transport to cum. Since yesterday that I did the transfer she have not seen the alert,talk less of to cum.
Una kill me! #Accessbank— Greenbox247 Media (@SundayEItodo) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank has pissed me up alot. Imagine that they can’t refund just 1500 since last week. ?— Lagun (@Lagun512619) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank has pissed me up alot. Imagine that they can’t refund just 1500 since last week. ?— Lagun (@Lagun512619) October 10, 2019

Access Bank, you usually send my bank statement every month via email, why have I not received the one of the month of September.
Please, I need response.#Accessbank— LEONARD (@IFYLEON) October 10, 2019

#Accessbank Gone re those days when access bank online service is the best. Now you have to pray and fast before making use of it.— Architect Oludare (@oludareakano) October 10, 2019

This one that #Accessbank is trending ?

If my money miss!!!— AMUSA (@am_marshalll) October 10, 2019

I ran away from #Ecobank because it was consistently shitty. First few months of using #Accessbank, everything was smooth. Then, the Diamond Bank acquisition happened and everything went south. Now, their own ATM machines reject their cards, and reversals take forever.— Groot (@wizzyblast11) October 10, 2019

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