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2023 Presidency: Igbos reply Junaid Muhammed, promise him a new wife

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide has replied the second republic lawmaker, Junaid Muhammed that it only produces world class leaders like Nnamdi Azikwe and not someone like Nwodo. 

The group made this known in a statement signed by its President General, Mazi okechukwu Isiguzoro and made available to Lanre News by the Secretary General of the group, Mazi Okwu Nnabuike.

This is coming after the former lawmaker according to the group chided Chief Nnia Nwodo for kneeling in the house of Lawal Jarfaru Isa, a former military administrator of Kaduna. 

Junaid reportedly mocked the Igbo culture while praising the northern that they don’t support begging culture. 

Read the statement in full;

(1) Junaid Muhammed revealed that Chief Nnia Nwodo knelt down in the house of Lawal Jarfaru Isa, former military administrator of Kaduna, accompanied by a delegation from Enugu over his Presidential bid, and those around there laughed at Nwodo.

Because according to Junaid Muhammed, North doesn’t support begging culture and many of his contemporaries from South East are tied up with the civil war, which makes him feels that there’s nobody in the South East who is qualified for taking a shot at the President 2023,

Igbo Youths understood the imperative rhetorics of Junaid Muhammed,

Using the antics of Nnia Nwodo style of politicking in 2003, when he ran for Presidential ticket of ANPP, which was won by General Muhammadu Buhari, to haunt the genuine aspirations of South East of taking a shot at the 2023 Presidency, having been a marginalised zone in the scheme of things in Nigeria project of today, Junaid Muhammed’s antics is dead on arrival .

(2) Igbo Youths wishes to remind Junaid Muhammed, that South East will not be provoked by the traps and pitfalls set up by few northern elders against the popular choice of supporting a Nigerian President of Igbo origin with a Northerner as a running mate, who never participated in the Nigeria/Biafra War,

And we’ll like to remind Junaid Muhammed that a quality candidates will emerge from the South East who are in the same pedigrees of the likes of Dr Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Samuel Mbakwe, who sees Entire Nigeria as his Constituency, based on the numerical strength of Igbos existing in all the 774 LGAs of the Country, and will surely address the fundamental issues of Almajiris which the likes of Dr Junaid Muhammed had failed to address from begging on the streets of the North.

(3) Igbo Youths wishes to assure Dr Junaid Muhammed, that Chief Nnia Nwodo will not be among the Presidential materials we will present in 2023 Presidential race,

And we’re are strict on age and acceptability of whoever Igbos will present in 2023 among the current Governors, former Governors, Senators and legion of respected sons and daughters who had an international statue, that equals the Great Zik of Africa, in terms of antecedents and reputation,

We assure Dr Junaid Muhammed that we will get him a new wife immediately the National Committee on 2023 Igbo Presidency Project financed by Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council in the diaspora is inaugurated in November 1st 2019 with the sole aim of activating all men of conscience to support a President of Igbo stock in 2023.

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