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Amazon Seller Central and Strategies To Be A Successful Seller

Amazon Seller Central and Strategies To Be A Successful Seller

Amazon is a company that is not new to us all. Being the largest online (or internet) eCommerce platform in the world, every seller wants to tap into its large infrastructure.

Using Amazon platform, you don’t need to spend on building your own website; no need of a fat budget for SEO; receiving payment and dealing with fraud are things you can care less about; and to top it all, there is no need of stressing yourself on how your products will get to your customers.

The part of not stressing yourself on how your products get to customers is taken care of provided you are using the Amazon Seller Central platform and you choose the FBA program.

Amazon takes care of goods delivery through its FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. As a seller, you only need to send in your products to Amazon’s warehouse and they will take care of dispatching.

Other available methods of fulfilling your orders as an Amazon Seller aside from the FBA program include:

  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) where you take care of the shipping after receiving orders through Amazon.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (FPM) where you offer the same shipping promise just as the Amazon Prime program does for customers.

Is Amazon Seller Central all that Good?

Enough of the hype, let’s get serious. Amazon seller central is not all rosy as it looks.

  • The user interface is not friendly
  • The seller support is another thing most seller complains about.
  • And to top it all, you can’t sell low-priced items. What if that is the only product you have (like a product costing $1!).

Nevertheless, when the large market base you could tap into is considered, one can forget about the stress and focus on making more profit through the platform.

How To Calculate Amazon FBA Fees and Amazon Seller Fee

The Amazon FBA and registration on the Amazon Seller Central platform is not free (we believe you don’t expect it to be too). Before signing up or if you have already signed up on the Amazon platform, it is important to know your numbers.

Know how much you should be charged and at the same time, compare this with all of your marketing cost to evaluate if you are losing, even or making profit.

The Amazon Seller Fees is dependent on your desired plan. Currently, there are two plans you can subscribe for;

  • Individual Seller Plan: Allows selling lesser than 40 items per month. The fee is charged per item sold.
  • Profession Seller Plan: Allows selling more than 40 items per month.

The Amazon FBA fees are calculated based on;

  • Product size
  • Product type (such as clothing items or if it contains lithium battery)
  • Occupied space (in cubic foot)

You can use the Amazon fee calculator to calculate the Amazon Seller Fees and also the Amazon FBA fees. You only need to enter your product unique identifiers (such as ASIN).


The Amazon FBA fees calculator for instance, in return, will automatically retrieve the product dimension ― height, length, width, and weight. This is then used to evaluate the shipping cost and everything is sum to give the estimated FBA price.

Where Are the Promised Strategies to Becoming Successful Amazon Seller?

If you are already familiar with Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Seller fees calculator, Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA fee calculator and all of the Amazon somethings, it is all right. At least you would have had a refresh on what you already know and probably learn something new.

It is fascinating of you to have manoeuvred all of the Amazon odds and its seller support frustration. Now that your product is finally listed and orders are coming in, the work is not completed yet. There are strategies you can never imagine could be used to leverage the platform and ultimately become one of the most selling merchants on Amazon.

Build and Promote Your Brand

Amazon offers a large customer base but this does not mean you are the sole seller the buyers will be checking out his/her products. You need to stand out to get more customers and also returning ones too.

Make sure you are selling a high-quality product. This invariably builds customers trust in your brand.

Promote the brand and products using different digital marketing platform (Social Media and Email Marketing). You can create contents educating people on a topic related to your product and then add a link to your Amazon products.

If you sell bicycles, for instance, create contents that discuss the health benefits of riding a bicycle. Tailor it to what you think your targeted audience will want to read about.

You need to get your product out there and stop believing the customer base of Amazon is all you need.

Promote On Amazon Itself

What better place to get customers than where they are available in a large number? Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and Internal Promotions are other avenues to explore in conjunction with the promotion on social media and emails.

Checking similar listings like yours to detect what they are doing right and how you can step up your game will also help.

Monitor Competitors’ Sales & Look Out For Supplementary Products

Check related products like yours. Also, check the performance of supplementary products. Their current sales rate and price. Supplementary products are similar products to yours. They are in many ways related to your product.

You might be making lots of sales with one product, but you can do more with selling more items.

When you decide to expand the number of items you list on Amazon, give high preference to the supplementary products. This will strengthen your brand and customers will know it for a specific niche.

For example, if you are selling phone gadgets, consider adding other products like charger, SD card disk, USB and other phone accessories. This is better than adding products like engine plug.

Make sure you offer the products in a way that beats competitors’ strategy (it may be in price or quality).

Build More Positive Review

Most customers will check a product review before purchasing a product on Amazon. More than 92 percent of consumers were reported to always read online reviews before making a decision on a product.

Go the extra mile for customers in order to increase your number of positive reviews. Sometimes, the listed product might be in no way different compared to competitors’ and might even be priced higher. But you can gain an edge with a positive review stating how fantastic your products are.

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