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Fun facts about Indigobird; only found in Nigeria

The Indigo bird is one of the several birds of diverse species that exist in nature. Every one of these birds has specific locations that are peculiar although they can be found in some other places on some occasions.

However, there is a bird that is only found in Nigeria and nowhere else around the world. Would you like to know where it’s found exactly in Nigeria? Keep reading as this article unveils interesting fun facts about Indigobird.

What is an Indigobird?

Indigobird, with the scientific name Vidua maryae, is a specie of bird that is blue in colour with some traces of lighter blue colouration on its head.

Some people actually believe it is indigo in colour. Clearing on this, indigo is a mixture of two primary colours, red and blue, with blue taking a higher composition.

This unique specie of bird belongs to the family Viduidae.

Where in Nigeria Can Indigobird Be Found?

Indigobird is spectacularly found only in Jos, Plateau state of Northern Nigeria. It is particularly found in Panshanu Pass, Taboru Hill, a hill situated in the east of Laminga in Plateau State.

Fun Facts About Indigobird

The speciality of Indigobird makes it have some facts about it that most people don’t know about.

You would be shocked to know that most of the features of this bird are quite different from other birds.

Let’s have a quick view of some of these interesting fun facts about the Indigobird:

  1. The Indigobird is incapable of incubating its own eggs, hence, lays its egg in the nest of the Rock firefinch, a bird that is also found in Plateau State and Cameroon.
  2. Based on research, the Indigobird is said to practice avian brood parasitism as it lays its egg in the nest of another bird to evade the stress of nurturing its young.
  3. The Indigobird was first identified in 1968 and proposed unique in 1995.
  4. It is only exclusively found in Plateau State, Nigeria.
  5. The male Indigobird mimics the songs of Rock firefinch, Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis.
  6. Although their exact population is unknown, there are believed to be less than 10,000 adult Indigobirds globally.

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