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How My Feud With Nnamdi Kanu Started ― Asari-Dokubo

How My Fight With Nnamdi Kanu Started ― Asari-Dokubo | Lanre News
Nnamdi Kanu (L) and Asari-Dokubo (R)

Former Ijaw Youth Council leader who became a citizen of Benin Republic in 2013, has revealed how he fell out with the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. 

Asari revealed this in an exclusive interview with Vanguard stating with Kanu, there is no hope for Biafra. 

The ex-militant who claimed he is a Biafran said his feud with Kanu started “during the Anambra governorship election when he (Kanu) said there would be no election in the state and I disagreed with him. I said it would be a fatal mistake not to participate in the election.

“I told him it will be better to elect somebody who will have some form of sympathy, even if the person is not totally in the struggle than to elect an open enemy, who will use the state resources to support our enemies. He said no and declared that day ‘Ofe nsala’ day.

“Again, during the 2019 elections, I said let’s vote out President Buhari and let the person we will vote for also know that we are the ones that supported him, so that when the person is there, even if he’s not with us, he will know that we contributed to the removal of Buhari.

“He said no and started calling me saboteur. At the end of the day, Nnamdi Kanu came and said people should go and vote. He said he had signed, sealed and delivered documents.

“Over one year and five months after the election, we have not seen the signed, sealed and delivered documents.

“He didn’t tell us whom he signed the documents with and he did not do anything to apologize to those of us who believed that we had to participate in that election.

“Rather, he continued calling us names. I’m not a member of the PDP but what would have made me happy is that all of us worked together to remove Buhari. We did not do that, we failed.

“The truth is that the vast majority of Biafrans don’t want anything to do with Nigeria. Majority of us want to leave Nigeria.

“So, Nnamdi Kanu through Radio Biafra has been able to reach out to some of these people and has changed the Biafra struggle into a cult struggle, who go about attacking people who are opposed to them.

“Before my quarrel with him, nobody was against him but now, people are no longer afraid of him.”

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