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How to become a Councillor in Nigeria

There is a count of a total of 774 local governments in Nigeria. Each of these local governments is overseen by a local government chairman, who is the head of the council and councillors that fill up the governing council at the local level.

The proper functioning of activities in a local government is based on the unity and accord between the local government chairman and his councillors. 

In this article, we will be giving a guide on how to become a councillor in Nigeria.

Who is a Councilor?

A councillor is a council member who participates in council decisions. He also makes critical contributions toward the favourable growth and sustainability of the community and its inhabitants.

The role of a councillor is a legislative one with the same responsibility as those of the National Assembly as well as the House of Assembly. They basically make laws at the local government level as an extension of those at the state and federal levels.

It is expected of every councillor that they prove a high degree of honesty in all their dealings and responsibly ensure that they work to favor the needs of members of the community and local government.

In addition, councillors ensure proper allocation of council resources for every annual budget. This implies that they must be accountable for every action they take.

Tenure of each elected Councilor in Nigeria

The expiration of the offices of an elected councillor becomes validated after three years from the resumption date into office.

Just like the local government chairman, certain factors may warrant such a person leaving the office earlier, such as resignation, presenting invalid certificates during the election process, charging for fraud or association with any cult, among several others. 

Eligibility Criteria to become a Councilor in Nigeria according to Constitution

Becoming a Councilor in Nigeria is quite an easy process. It only requires meeting up with certain constitutional requirements coupled with political prowess.

Below are some of the criteria needed to become a Councilor in Nigeria;

  1. Nigerian Citizenship
  2. Age not less than 25 years as at time of application
  3. Minimum of secondary school leaving certificate
  4. Political party identification alongside sponsorship

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