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How to become Local Government Chairman in Nigeria

local government in Nigeria

Who is a Local Government chairman?

A local government chairman sits at the lowest and third tier of government. It is often also referred to as “grassroots government”.

This is because they are the level of government that is closest to the civilians and it ensures the fact that they are the first to be called upon if there is any need in the society within the particular local government.

Number of Local Government in Nigeria

There are 774 local government authorities in Nigeria with each of the them being headed by a chairman. Although the he/she has some councillors around him, he stands as the sitting chairperson of the local government council.

What is the function of a chairman?

This question may sound irrational as you may have heard people speak of local government chairmen.

A local government chairman is a representative of an entire local government endowed with the responsibility of ensuring lawful and operational actions are taken to ensure the proper functioning and growth of that society, thus favouring the masses.

Needless to mention that the growth and development of Nigeria as a country lies in the proper functioning of each of the 774 local governments

Tenure of elected Chairmen in Nigeria

On a general basis, every local government chairman is given only one tenure to serve as a chairperson. This implies that after three years, he or she is expected to leave the office.

However, certain conditions may warrant early vacation from the office such as resignation from the political party, with which he or she resumed office, joining a secret society, and vying for a higher governmental position among others.

Eligibility criteria

Becoming a chairman is not too much of a hard bone to chew. It only requires meeting up with certain requirements coupled with political prowess.

Below are some of the criteria needed to become a local government chairman;

  1. Nigerian Citizenship
  2. Age not less than 30 years as at time of application
  3. Minimum of secondary school  leaving certificate
  4. Political party identification


The annual emolument package of a Local Government Chairman include:

  • Basic salary – N1,026,327
  • Personal assistant allowance – N256,581
  • Domestic allowance – N769,745
  • Entertainment allowance – N461,847
  • Utility allowance N307,898
  • Security allowance (supplement of N20,000)
  • Leave allowance N102,632
  • Wardrobe allowance N256,581.

A Vice-Chairman is entitled to a total package of N2,803,392, made up of;

  • Basic salary of N904,320
  • Personal assistant allowance – N226,080
  • Domestic allowance – N78, 240
  • Entertainment allowance – N406, 944
  • Utility allowance – N271, 296
  • Security (supplement of N20,000)
  • Leave allowance – N90, 432
  • Wardrobe allowance – N226,080.

Secretaries to the councils are paid an annual package of N2.46 million, including:

  • Basic salary – N684,395
  • Domestic allowance – N513,296
  • And other allowances.

For the elected councillors, each will collect an annual total package of N2.4million, including;

  • Basic salary of N669,105
  • Domestic allowance of N501,828 among other benefits.

Each of the supervisory councillors will collect a total package of N1.86million, including;

  • Basic salary of N557,427
  • Domestic allowance – N418, 070
  • Among other allowances.

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