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How To Study Anatomy In The University of Illorin (Unilorin)

How To Gain Admission to Study Anatomy In The University of Illorin (Unilorin) | Lanre News
University of Ilorin (Unilorin) front gate.

The University of Illorin (Unilorin) is one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in Nigeria that offer several courses and boasts a high standard of learning and an adequate learning environment.

The institution was established in 1975 and since then has remained one of Nigeria’s best universities.

Anatomy is a four-year degree-awarding program that exposes students to the body structures of humans and the various changes and differences in them. It is quite a useful course as graduates can become medical technologists, research scientists, amongst others.

There are however some requirements to study this course at the University of Illorin.

General JAMB requirements

Admission to study Anatomy can be gained either through Direct Entry or UTME. Applicants for this course through Direct Entry must possess at least five SSCE credit passes in the following subjects: English Language, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Applicants through UTME, are required to have at least five credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The average JAMB cut-off mark for all courses is 180.

For UTME candidates the subject combination to study Anatomy includes Biology, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, and English Language.

Departmental cut-off mark

The University of Illorin also has some requirements for admission to study Anatomy.

Although the general JAMB cut-off to study all courses is 180, the university’s cut-off is fixed at 220 and it is practically impossible to study Anatomy in Unilorin without meeting the departmental cut-off.

School fees for Anatomy

The school fees for the courses under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences which Anatomy falls under is 25,400 for 100 level. This is excluding the acceptance fee paid by freshers upon the acceptance of their admission. The fees change in the different levels and it usually is higher or lower than this.

Hostel accommodation

The University of Illorin boasts of efficient hostel facilities that are spread all around the school’s campus.

However, the number of students who attend this fine institution is on a high level and so students are free to stay off-campus in decent and conducive areas not too far from the school.

It is also advisable as a student of Anatomy to stay within the school environment at least for your first and second level to get familiar with the entire school system.

Useful advice for freshers

Life as a fresher can be very challenging especially for students in public institutions.

Therefore it is advisable to avoid pressure as much as you can. There would be distractions and attractions but with discipline and focus, you can make the best use of your time in the university. It is also important to set your priorities right and learn to use your time wisely.

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