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How to use WhatsApp on your PC, Laptop

For some people who spend most of their time on their computer or just need to send a file from WhatsApp to their computer, they often wonder how to use WhatsApp on PC and Laptop.

If the above sentence describes you, search no more. You are already in the right place.

There are basically two ways to connect your WhatsApp to your computer.

  1. Download WhatsApp Desktop Application
  2. Connect through Computer Browser

Before we explain how you can go about either of the two available options, it is important to clarify something.

WhatsApp at present does not have a special app for PC and Laptop. The reason for this is presumed to be due to the need for connection with users’ phone number.

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How to Download WhatsApp Desktop Application

  1. Visit WhatsApp official website via your computer browser
  2. Select Download
  3. Select your preferred download option (Mac/Windows)
  4. Install and launch the app. (Note, you will need to connect your phone to the app by scanning a QR code that will be displayed.

How to Connect WhatsApp Web through Computer Browser

  1. Type WhatsApp Web URL into your browser (
  2. Go to your phone and select the 3-dot icon beside the search icon
  3. Select WhatsApp Web
  4. Select Link A Device
  5. Scan the QR displayed on your computer using the QR scanner on your phone (the scanner should automatically launch)

There you have it. In case you have further question, encountering any challenges while trying this method, or need more information, comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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