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‘Liger’: Meet the world’s biggest cat with lion father and tiger mother

The world’s biggest cat, a 900lbs liger called Hercules, is the result of a pairing between a lion father and a tiger mother and he’s so large he has been in the Guinness Book of Records three times.

In a video uploaded on Instagram, Jay Brewer, who owns The Reptile Zoo, introduced Hercules and is clearly impressed with the animal’s size and majesty.

Hercules with Moksha Bybee, an animal trainer at Myrtle Beach Safari

Walking with Hercules and the animal’s keeper Kody Antle, he says: “This is obviously a liger which is one the largest in the world, if not the largest. Is this an incredible animal or what?

“And I just can’t understand that people think something that can happen – that does happen naturally – people freak out about it.

Largest living cat

“I don’t know, maybe they just freak out because it’s such an amazing animal! Look at this thing!”

Kody says: “The biggest misconception is that there were never lions outside of Africa but there are currently populations of lions living in Asia, right there in India, interacting with tigers today.”

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