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Live Updates: Kogi Elections result (Nov. 2019)

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday (Nov 17, 2019) commenced the collation and announcement of the elections in Kogi.

Kogi elections are split into two: governorship election and Kogi West Senatorial rerun.

Result Announcement Postponed In Kogi

Announcement of Kogi governorship election results postponed till 8 am on Monday.

The returning officer says this is because results from the last two LGAs are not ready.

With the result from Dekina, the gap with which Yahaya Bello of the All Progressives Congress (APC) leads Musa Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has narrowed to 176,803 votes from 184,430.

According to the Dekina collation officer, irregularities and violence were recorded in 32 polling units in the LGA.

This affected 29,141 voters.

Dekina LGA

APC: 8,948

PDP: 16,575

Governorship election result for Ankpa LGA

APC: 11,269

PDP: 28,108

SDP: 399

Valid votes: 40,331

Rejected votes: 1,014

Votes cast: 41,345

The collation of results has been suspended for an hour. The exercise will continue at 3:30pm.

INEC ad hoc official kidnapped

The Olamaboro LG collation officer reports that an INEC ad hoc official was kidnapped during voting and that there were incidents of violence in four registration areas; 6,877 votes were cancelled as a result of this.

Results from 15 LGAs have been collated so far, with six more to go.

Yagba West LGA

APC: 7,868

PDP: 8,850

SDP: 211

Valid votes: 17,063

Rejected votes: 399

Votes cast: 17,462

APGA collation officer says no election in Olamaboro LGA. “What happened is the abduction of electoral officers and snatching of ballot boxes. I don’t think what is here is good enough to be presented to INEC.”

The APC agent disagrees and says the party’s deputy governorship candidate “was in his polling unit.” “I take exemption from that. Never you mention any of my leaders,” he fires back.

Governorship result for Olamaboro LGA 

APC: 16,876

PDP: 1,155

SDP: 262

Valid votes: 25,701

Rejected votes: 819

Votes cast: 26,520

The APC agent rejects the results announced: “No election in Idah. There was violence everywhere, so I am surprised they declared results in Idah here.

The collation officers reports two cases in Ichana registration area where there was over-voting and failure of card readers. He also says there was a case of violence in one of the PUs in Ogede ward. 1013 voters affected in all.

Governorship result from Idah LGA

APC: 4,602

PDP: 13,962

SDP: 221

Valid votes: 19,037

Rejected votes: 772

Votes cast: 19,809

Governorship election result for Ajaokuta LGA

APC: 17,952

PDP: 5,565

SDP: 323

Valid votes: 23,951

Rejected votes: 512

Votes cast: 24,463

The next result is from Ajaokuta LGA.

Ajaokuta has 73,836 registered voters but only 24,942 were accredited — same trend of low voter turnout as in most other LGAs in Kogi.

Governorship election result for Mopa-Moro LGA

APC: 4,953

PDP: 3,581

SDP: 95

The PDP agent at the collation rejected the result from Okehi. He said party agents were not allowed at polling units and that election did not take place there in the area.

Governorship election result for Okehi (SDP Gov Candidate, Natasha Akpoti’s LG)

APC: 36954

PDP: 478

SDP: 3095

Governorship election results for Yagba East LGA

APC: 6735

PDP: 7546

SDP: 220

Total valid votes – 14,631

Rejected votes – 339

Total votes cast – 14,970

Governorship election results for Kotor Karfi LGA

APC – 14,097

PDP – 9,404

SDP: 657

Total valid votes – 24,264

Rejected votes – 323

Total votes cast – 24,587

Governorship election results for Kabba-Bunu LGA

Kola Ologbondiyan, spokesman of the PDP, loses LG to the APC

APC: 15364

PDP: 8084

SDP: 364

A minute silence is observed for an ad hoc INEC staff who died on his way to Lojoka from Ibaji LGA. The canoe he was in capsized at Odogwu.
PHOTO: Collation officer for Igalamela-Odolu LGA presents a N50,000 bribe that was given to his (PO) presiding officer.

Governorship election results, Okene (Yahaya Bello’s LGA)

APC: 112764

PDP: 139

SDP: 50

Registered voters: 131166

Accredited voters: 114001

Governorship election results, Igalamela-Odolu LGA

APC: 8075

PDP: 11195

SDP: 208

Registered voters: 65129

Accredited voters: 21428

The YPP agent said the PDP agent’s account is true that there was a low turnout of voters. The returning officer tells them to make a formal report.

Although the APC agent said the election in Adavi was peaceful, and that there was a massive turnout of voters.

The PDP agent at the collation rejected the results from Adavi, saying there was a low turnout of voters, and he asked INEC to reject the votes too.

Governorship election results, Adavi LGA

APC: 64657

PDP: 336

SDP: 279

Registered voters: 105906

Accredited voters: 66222

Total valid votes: 65595

Rejected votes: 372

Total votes cast: 65967

At 10 PUs in Kuroko II, results were cancelled because the total number of votes cast was more than the number of accredited voters.

Governorship election results, Omala LG

APC: 8473

PDP: 14403

SDP: 567

Registered voters: 66368

Accredited voters: 24474

Total valid votes: 23705 

Rejected votes: 723

Total votes cast: 24428

Votes canceled at 5 PUs owing to violence, ballot-box snatching and threat to life.

PHOTO: Ofu LGA collation officer arriving at the INEC state office in Lokoja with the election results and ballot boxes in the company of armed policemen.
PHOTO: TheCable

Governorship election results, Ijumu LGA

APC: 11425

PDP: 7587

SDP: 223

Registered voters: 59578

Accredited voters: 20139

Valid votes: 19435

Rejected votes: 446

Total votes cast: 19881

Governorship election results, Ogori/Magongo LGA

APC: 3679

PDP: 2145

SDP: 244

Registered voters: 16032

Accredited voters: 6239

Rejected votes: 146

Valid votes: 6088

Total number of votes cast: 6234

Adavi LGA, Ward 03, Iruvucheba

Registered voters: 87367

Accredited voters: 2635

Total valid votes: 2602

Rejected votes: 33

Total votes cast: 2635

APC: 2544

PDP: 49

SDP: 5

Adavi LGA, Ward 05, Adavi-Eba

Registered voters: 8604

Accredited voters: 3514

Total valid votes: 3448

Rejected votes: 32

Total votes cast: 3480

APC: 3369

PDP: 40

SDP: 31

Okene LGA, Orietesu, Ward 05

APC: 10225

PDP: 21

SDP: 4

No of PUs: 22

Registered voters: 11879

Accredited voters: 10290

Total valid votes: 10264

Rejected votes: 26

Total votes cast: 10290

Okene LGA, Onyukoko, Ward 03

APC: 13322

PDP: 1

SDP: 0

No of PUs: 30

Registered voters: 15084

Accredited voters: 13356

Total valid votes: 13338

Rejected votes: 18

Total votes cast: 13356

Okene LGA, Idoji, Ward 04

APC: 10748

PDP: 2

SDP: 6

No of PUs: 26

Registered voters: 12270

Total valid votes: 10967

Accredited voters 10969

Rejected votes: 032

Total votes cast: 10808

Okene LGA

APC: 112764

PDP: 139

SDP: 50

No of RAC centres – 11

Registered voters – 131166

Accredited voters -114001

Total valid votes – 113170

Rejected votes – 250

Total votes cast -113420  

Okehi LGA

APC: 36954

PDP: 487

SDP: 3095

Kogi west senatorial district re-run election results

Kabba Bunu LGA

Registered voters – 74789

Accredited voters – 26,916

APC – 15,037

PDP – 8974

Valid votes – 24223

Rejected votes- 406

Total votes cast – 24629

Cancellation in six RAs: 24 PUs affected,

21,391 registered voters affected.

Kogi west senatorial district re-run election results

Koton Karfe LGA

Total registered voters – 53,580

Accredited voters – 25,809

APC – 14,168

PDP – 9,786

SDP – 196

Total valid votes – 24,246

Rejected votes -330

Total votes cast – 24,576

Cases of ballot-box snatching in two RAs and two PUs. 1,765 registered voters affected

Governorship election results, Ward 3, (Iyano) PU 001, Ibaji LGA

APC – 13

PDP – 118

SDP – 4

Governorship election results from Ibaji LGA, Ward 3, PU 005

APC – 20

PDP – 22

SDP – 4

Accredited voters: 52

Total number of votes: 49

Valid votes: 48

Invalid votes: 1

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