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Most Paid Nigerian Instagram Influencers and How They Rank Globally

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform where celebrities that we glitz and droll over, flaunt their looks, wealth, and give us a glimpse into their lives. Some people argue most of the flaunted looks are fake thou. Anyway, that is a discussion for another day.

These influencers keep on giving us great content, and it’s not surprising that brands and industries are interested in taking the advantage of their huge following to advertise their products.

The upside for these celebrities is that they keep cashing out every time they are approached by brands, individuals, and organizations to publish a sponsored post on their page.

We will be taking a look at some of the influencers on Instagram that are mostly paid for any sponsored post.

Each cost of the sponsored post was arrived at using an Instagram Influencer Earning Calculator.

This tool works by factoring engagements on posts and followers.

The higher the average engagements, the more your earnings per post. And of course, the number of genuine followers plays a role in this.

Following the Instagram Rich List by Hopper HQ, who uses internal data, agency rate cards, and public information, for the ratings, here we go with the top 5 list in Nigeria.

5. Ayodeji Balogun (popularly known as WizKid)

Popularly known as Wizkid, Star Boy or Daddy Yo, this is a star that started off with the ‘I Love My Baby’ track that gave the hearts of his fans ‘Joy’.

He has featured foreign artistes like Beyonce and Drake. And have won several musical awards.

Most Paid Nigerian Instagram Influencers
Ayodeji Balogun (Wizkid)

Wizkid has a huge fan following of 11.2 million on Instagram and clinches the 5th place on our list. Globally he comes 67th.

For a sponsored post, Wizkid earns $57,300 (that’s about N21.8 million).


4. Funke Akindele-Bello (popularly known as Jennifer)

Most Paid Nigerian Instagram Influencers

She has been in the hearts of Nigerians back in the days of I NEED TO KNOW. Her limelight came with the popular JENNIFER’S DIARY that warmed her to people far and beyond. She has also gone on to feature in other films that were rated a huge success.

Most Paid Nigerian Instagram Influencers
Funke Akindele

With 11.5 million followers, ranked globally at 66th ( No.3 in Nigeria), she earns about $59,500 (N22.6 million) per sponsored post.

3. Yemi Eberechi Alade, popularly known as Yemi Alade

Sitting on the number 3 spot on our list is Yemi Eberechi Alade, popularly known as Yemi Alade.

She won the Peak Talent Show in 2009 after which she signed to Effyzzie Music Group, and had a hit with her single “Johnny” in 2014.

Yemi Alade

The “Johnny” crooner as at the time of publication boasts of 12.1 million followers on Instagram.

The “woman of steel” is ranked 64th globally and on evaluation using our calculating tool, each sponsored post on her page worths $60,200 and when converted amounted to N22.9 million. 


2. Tiwatope Balogun (popularly known as Tiwa Savage)

Tiwatope Balogun, commonly known as Tiwa Salvage, and also known as the ‘Kele Kele Love’ crooner, is an African musical singer that is making us proud. Others know her as ‘Mama Jamil’ because of her son that is too cute to behold.

Most Paid Nigerian Instagram Influencers
Tiwatope Balogun (Tiwa Savage)

She comes 2nd and thus the queen on our list and ranked 61st globally.

She has 11.7 million followers on Instagram. And makes $61,400 (about N23.4 million) per sponsored post.


1. David Adeleke (popularly known as Davido, OBO)

Sitting gracefully at the number one spot is the Afropop singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, whose rise to stardom was terrific. This singer has clinched many awards to his name. 

No wear suit again abeg” – Man mocks Davido for donning a suit – Bioreports
David Adeleke (a.k.a Davido)

He sits at this spot like a king because of the high number of following he boasts of.

Davido has the highest Instagram followers with about 17.6 million followers. On a global scale, he is ranked 47th (as at the time of publication). A single sponsored post fetches him $91,100.

That’s a whopping N34.7 million. He is the king right?


This rounds off our list. Now you know that their Instagram is not for show-off alone. They are making money off it as well.

Remember, their Instagram worth was estimated an Instagram Influencer Earning Calculator.

Exchange rate at $1 = N385.44

All rankings and estimations were as at the time of publication. They are liable to change as these influencers gain more followers on Instagram and change in currency valuation (Naira vs Dollar).

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