A Nigerian street preacher in a viral video advises ladies against deceitful men he described as “lori iro”, a Yoruba phrase that translates “deceitful”. His articulation and dance steps caught many peoples attention; thus, earning the video numerous shares.  On Twitter below are some comments regarding the video: Some Nigerians […]

Quora is a Q & A website with a large community where the users post different questions and their questions are answered by random users who are experts in a specific field or industry. Here are the top 10 weird questions about Nigeria on Quora: 10. Do All Nigerians Live […]

A lot of people are familiar with the term “uncle” within the typical Nigerian setting. The term in this context does not necessarily refer to one’s biological uncle (a person’s parent). The coinage usually is an endeared terminology used to address a mature youth mostly in his 20s or early […]

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