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How to get out of being friend zone by a Nigerian girl

As a guy, being kept in a friend zone by your crush seems disheartening. Perhaps, she may have been giving you some treats and you are still not certain whether you are in the friend zone or you have her heart already.

This article will give a clear direction on how to get out of being friend-zoned by a Nigerian girl.

What does Friend Zone mean?

To be in a friend zone simply means that you are only kept as a friend without any further talks about love or relationship.

Signs That You Have Been Friend-Zoned

It is so frustrating for a guy to stay in the friend zone when indeed what he aims at is a relationship. Similarly, you cannot be exactly sure what her feelings for you are.

Highlighted below are some signs that you have been friend-zoned by that Nigerian girl.

She discusses with you a guy or guys she likes

As a guy, how do you feel if a girl you like keeps talking to you about discussions outside what you intended? For instance, talking about some other guys she likes and would like to date.

Most girls have no secrecy about guys that they like and would like to date. So, this should quickly give you a good idea that you are already in the friend zone.

She doesn’t want to have any form of physical contact with you

When a girl stays back whenever you want to have physical contact with her, something is fishy and she probably wants to keep you in the friend zone.

You may have wanted to give a hug or a simple kiss to that girl and she simply excuses you, get it clear that you have been friend-zoned already.

She says “I only like you as a friend”

Ah, this is a very clear statement from a girl who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you other than being friends. Of course, you could be the best of friends but nothing more than that.

A girl who knows your feelings for her and wouldn’t want to waste your time will walk up to you and clearly say, “I only like you as a friend”. All you need do is move on to look for another girl.

Tips to Get Out of Being Friend-Zoned by a Nigerian girl

Make your intentions clear quite early

Probably some guys feel shy to open up to the girl they are willing to go into a relationship with or they are not just brave enough.

 A girl will always keep you friend-zoned as a guy if you don’t let her know your intentions for the friendship. So, make your intentions clear early enough.

Withdraw for a While

You truly know your stand with a girl when you withdraw for a while. For instance, ignore her calls for some time and call her later. You need to give her reasons why you can go beyond friendship with her. Fact is told, girls don’t like it when a guy is too predictable.

Make yourself More attractive and Flirty

Improve your look and make yourself more attractive to her. To some certain extent, you can also be a little bit flirty, occasionally touching her during conversations.

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