5 shocking stories from ‘FEAR WOMEN’ trend on Twitter

Story 1

by @dexterouz11

Fear women, u no gree. Them dey talk pregnant woman. Lecturer catch project supervisee in bed with his wife. And to think it was the wife who begged her husband to make the boy his supervisee so she can have the chance to see him.

Man didn’t even suspect a thing. He trusted her till he saw them and chased them out without clothes. Husband and wife are both lecturers in same uni.

Story 2

by @ObaAdeshinaD1st and @ToyosiGodwin

300k rent issue

My babe house rent is 250k, she begged that I help her add 50k, I still dey hustle the money when one guy she met 3 weeks ago sent her 300k. She told me about it and all I did was scratch my head and say God is a miraculous God.

“They had been in the relationship for about 2 years. Imagine sleeping with another person for 8 months while in a 2-year relationship with someone else.”

Story 3

A man caught a pregnant wife sleeping with a pastor.

Story 4

Another one:

by @AjeboDanny

Been angry that someone I work with went MIA for weeks meanwhile…

She had a fall out with her friend, her friend spilled the gist to her husband Apparently she’s been having sex with a Married Man while pregnant I can literally hear the heartbreak in his texts

You showed vulnerability by accepting another Man’s child as yours and now they’ve used it against you. Again, good Men in the mud.

Story 5

another day to fear women, but things dey occur sha

by @tinnySZN


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