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‘Kayamata’: This is why Jaruma is dragging Regina Daniels’ husband, Ned Nwoko

Self-acclaimed sex therapist Hauwa Mohammed popularly known as Jaruma has dragged Ned Nwoko over the latter’s comment about her and his ex-wife Laila Charani.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, December 9 the sex therapist made a video expressing her disappointment over the accusations Nwoko made against Laila.

She also stated that she is shocked that a ’74-year-old man’ would speak ill about a woman in such a manner.

The former lawmaker Ned Nwoko, had Wednesday opened up on his estranged marriage with Laila Charani, his former wife.

The Nigerian businessman, whose wife Regina Daniels has been having a face-off with Jaruma, also revealed that the aphrodisiac entrepreneur’s marriage allegedly ended less than a year after it was contracted.

In a statement released by his media team, Ned Nwoko claimed that Jaruma married a younger man and the marriage crashed in spite of her claiming the item she sells is potent.

The lawmaker went on to explain how her marriage to her ex-wife, Laila ended. According to him, the marriage ended after Laila underwent plastic surgery, spent money she was given for their kids’ summer holiday in London on herself and also had a physical meeting with a “strange man” who she met on the internet in a hotel in the European country.

Ned Nwoko stated that Laila’s defence all this while has been that “someone set her up”.

Alleging that his ex-wife maltreated their children, exposed them and engaged them in indecent behaviour which “no reasonable man will tolerate as a husband”, the former lawmaker stated that the clarification became necessary because Laila has continuously played the victim while she is reportedly the aggressor.

Ned Nwoko’s statement reads in part; “The attention of Prince Ned Nwoko’s Media directorate has been drawn to a publication trending especially in the social media linking his separation with his Moroccan born wife, Laila Nwoko, to the influence of a local aphrodisiac called “Kayamata”,vended by one Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, commonly known as Jaruma.

“Our initial reaction was to have completely ignored the silly insinuation. But given the pervasive nature of fake news and the tendency of mischief makers to peddle misinformation on the social media,we resolved albeit reluctantly,to clarify issues for two reasons:

“Falsehood gone viral, need to be dismantled in order not to create wrong impression before unsuspecting members of the public.

“More importantly, Prince Ned Nwoko with his global reputation as a foremost philanthropist, distinguished patriot and conscientious billionaire business mogul can never allow shallow tale mongers to impugn his impeccable character and pedigree”.

Reacting, Jaruma said that she is surprised that Nwoko decided to release a statement attacking her over the kayamata saga she had with his wife Regina Daniels weeks after the issue was raised, adding that she has since moved on from the issue.

She also said that her ex-husband whom Ned claimed left her despite her kayamata influence on him would not tarnish her image as he did his ex-wife.

“You won’t see my husband rattling me out, talking about this nonsense, calling me a pig, calling me disgusting, accusing me of sleeping with other men while I was married. And you don’t see me saying these nasty things about my husband either.

“Do you see Davido saying these nasty things about Chioma? Do you see Chioma saying nasty things about Davido? common daddy, you are 74 years old you are supposed to give us a good example which means do not talk about your spouse in this manner.

“If Kayamata is not working on you, how can a little girl of 21 control you and your PR to type this, five pages, Jaruma product is working on you, If not how can a 21-year-old girl allow this to be published on your own page with your own words. We know it is Regina’s writing,” she said.


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