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Top 10 Nigerian Lies Elders Told Us While Growing Up

Aside from the financial responsibilities that come with adulthood, it gives us an opportunity to look back at our childhood to have a good laugh at some lies we were told.

Many Nigerians were told a lot of lies while growing up. Below is a list of some of those famous lies ;

10. If You Swallow Water Melon Seed, It Will Grow In Your Stomach :

This was one lie many Nigerians were told as kids. Funnily enough, many of us believed them.

According to many viable health sources, the watermelon seed is highly rich in nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B complex, protein and amino acid.

This lie is often told to kids to prevent them from swallowing watermelon seeds.

Such caring parents.

9. A Masquerade Is Coming To Get You :

In the typical Nigerian home, it’s called “ojuju”. Many of us were told this lie while growing up.

We were told this lie whenever we were acting rebellious. This is probably what led to the fear of the dark (nyctophobia) in many adults today.

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Today, we realized we’ve been lied to. There was really no “ojuju” except the ones in our heads.

8. You Have Limited Amount Of Words To Say Per Day

The typical Nigerian was told this lie while growing up particularly when you talk too much. This lie was told to keep the average Nigerian kid quiet.

7. If You Eat Too Much Rice, It Would Grow On Your Head

An average Nigerian, loves eating Rice or ate rice most of the time. As a result of this, the typical Nigerian parent uses this lie to convince the child to change their diet or eat something else even though they don’t like it.

This was a lie told to the average Nigerian while growing up to take a little break from eating rice and consider other options.

6. Each Time You Lie, Your Nose Grows Longer

Who knows? Maybe this was gotten from the famous movie “Pinocchio”.

Pinocchio was a Disney movie in the 1940s where the main character nose grew longer each time he lied. 

This is one lie the average Nigerian was told while growing up just to make sure they tell the truth when asked a question or confronted.

5. Sitting Too Close To The TV Can Cause Eye Damage

Kids always want to sit close to the TV to fully concentrate on what they are watching. There’s no proof that sitting close to the TV causes eye damage. The eyes can only be strained but there’s no eye damage as a result. This lie was/is usually told to keep kids from sitting too close to the TV.

4. Go To School, Get Good Grades And You’ll End Up With A Good Paying Job :

Hey, remember this lie? It is a universal lie. The average Nigerian heard this lie while growing up as it is not true for most individuals. Many still believe this lie. Consider this a wake up call.

3. Making Your Eyes Certain Ways Will Make It Stay The Same

Another lie. The average Nigerian grew up knowing how to make their eyes look squinted or in a weird way.

Thus, this famous lie was told to keep us from making those funny eye moves.

2. All Strangers Are Dangerous

The average Nigerian was told this lie while growing up. This sounds true until you become an adult and start a business.

You’ll realize that strangers are usually the ones who buy from you. Strangers are going to be the ones who promote your business.

1. Cut A String Of Your Eyelashes. Make Them Step On It And They’ll Forget Your Crime

Many Nigerians were told this lie while growing up. When we got in trouble (With our parents or elderly ones), we would often pick a string of our eyelash, place it where our parents/elderly ones might pass so they step on it.

We used to believe that when they stepped on our eyelash, they will forget our offence or misconduct.

A pure fantastic LIE.


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