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Olokun Festival holds August 27 to 28 — Organiser

Olokun festival worshippers - Lanre News
Olokun worshippers. PHOTO: Alamy

The 2021 Olokun Festival in celebration of the Yoruba deity of great wealth and economic growth will hold on August 28.

Yeye Lara Fashola-Fanimokun, Olokun High Priestess and Promoter of the two-day event, told newsmen on Wednesday in Lagos that the annual festival was a celebration of the culture and spirituality of the Yoruba people.

According to her, Olokun is a Yoruba deity of the sea that appeases wealth and economic growth.

“The event is held annually in celebration of the Yoruba people, most especially, the Olokun Orisha deity of great wealth and economic growth.

“On August 28, devotees of Olokun will hold a procession to the beach to celebrate and make offerings to the deity of wealth and economic growth, ” she said.

The priestess said that scores of culture enthusiasts from Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago, Cuba, USA, and UK were expected in Nigeria to participate in the festival.

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According to her, the arrival of such enthusiasts from the Diaspora will impact positively tourism in the country.

Fashola-Fanimokun commended the Lagos State Government for its efforts at improving the tourism sector.

She urged parents to identify more with their culture and traditions in order to inculcate such in their children and prevent extinction.

“We are nobody without our culture and traditions.

“Unfortunately, many parents do not speak their languages to their children; of course, these will go into extinction if it continues this way.

“We should promote our culture and traditions by impacting these in our wards right from young age, so that when they grow into adulthood they will be proud of who they are.

“Be proud of who you are; let people know who you are and address you as such.

“As a people, we need to showcase be proud of our culture,” Fashola-Fanimokun said.

Meanwhile, one of Africa’s leading female drummers and singers, Ara and Qdot, are among entertainers to headline the 2021 Olokun festival.

Other music acts billed for the festival include DJ Kulet, Ajijo bata of Africa, Amoke and Akanji Elewi, House of Dance Nigeria, and Faith band.

Olokun festival, a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba, most especially the Olokun, is a two-day event holding between August 27, and August 28, at The Monarch Event Centre, Lekki, and a mass celebration at Lagos Beach respectively.

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