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Top 10 Weird Questions About Nigeria On Quora

Quora is a Q & A website with a large community where the users post different questions and their questions are answered by random users who are experts in a specific field or industry.

Here are the top 10 weird questions about Nigeria on Quora:

10. Do All Nigerians Live In Huts?

With Nigeria being globally known as the giant of Africa. Thus, a question like this is nothing short of being weird.

9. How Long Have Nigerians Been Eating Garri?

It would be very difficult to believe any documented answer to this question. Just another weird question. Garri is Nigerians legendary meal.

8. Why Would A Typical Nigerian Lady Not Appreciate Flowers?

This sounds like a great question, maybe, it is. It could be considered a weird question, particularly when you know flowers are not in any way a part of Nigeria’s romantic culture.

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Nigerian ladies appreciate surprises like bags, shoes or a surprise outing. Any typical Nigerian lady reading this is very likely to whisper : “Who flower help?”

7. Why Is The Nigerian Accent So Funny?

English language is just Nigeria’s official language plus quite many Nigerians have adorable accents. Even at that, is the Nigerian accent funny? Well, depends on the tribe. One of those weird questions.

6. What Kind Of Girls Do Nigerians Like?

This depends on individual preferences. Some guys prefer the calm, sweet and gentle type.

Some prefer the girls with a touch of “street” vibes.

On a physical point; some prefer the tall and model-like figures.

Some may prefer the short robust type. Once again, it depends on individual preferences.

5. Why Doesn’t Nigerian Flag Have A Red Color?

Most countries in Africa have a touch of red on their flag, unlike Nigeria.

Every country’s flag has its meaning.

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Nigeria’s flag represents Nigeria’s national wealth and peace. Other African countries also have what they represent.

4. Is Lagos, Nigeria Safe For Foreign Girls?

Yes, it is as long as you move within appropriate places and hours. It is not just safe, it is also a very beautiful place with amazing people.

3. Why Do Nigerians Like To Eat Their Meat After Eating The Main Dish?

The reason for this is more psychological and far from cultural. It is like a reward mechanism. Saving the best for the last. Quite a weird question.

2. Why Do So Many Foreigners Go To Nigeria And Think Nigeria Is Good?

There are so many reasons for this but mostly, Nigeria is one of the most friendly countries in Africa and the world at large.

As a matter of fact, Nigerians treat foreigners with so much respect that even fellow Nigerians get jealous.

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Aside from that, Nigeria boasts as one of the most bubbling economies in the world. With so much population, the opportunity to serve or sell is endless. A good place to invest.

1. Why Is The Crime Rate Very High In Nigeria If The People Of Nigeria Believe In The Existence Of God?

No doubt that this is a weird question and at the same time, Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in Africa.

Anyways, being religious is way different from being a decent human being.

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