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Woman jailed for locking sister inside cage in snake-infested house

A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to two years in jail after she pleaded guilty to locking up her older sister who has special needs inside a cage in their home infested with bugs and snakes.

According to a report by OnlineMail, Leona Biser, 52, confessed to keeping her sister, Loretta Lancaster, 54, in a wooden cage with a filthy mattress laid out in the living room of their Vestaburg home, which was lined with faeces. 

Irritated Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, called the home a ‘house of horrors’ not fit for anyone to live in and which had no bathroom or running water.

‘What Leona Biser (the woman) did to her sister is unforgivable, but today’s plea is a step towards justice,’ Shapiro said in a statement on Thursday.

Police said they found Lancaster in a kneeling position inside the cage and that her nephew was kneeling beside her.

But it wasn’t for another three months when the agent returned, this time bringing a doctor, and it was found that Lancaster was unable to even stand up or walk.

Lancaster, who is said to have the mental capacity of an infant, was removed from the home and taken to the hospital in early 2020, where she was treated for a urinary tract infection and Rhabdomyolysis, a potentially life-threatening illness caused by the breakdown of muscle tissue.  

The AG’s office said Lancaster’s condition has improved significantly and she has regained some mobility. She is also working with a speech therapist and getting the medication she needed that Biser had been allegedly withholding.

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