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12 Quotes from Buhari’s Independence Day Speech 2020


President Muhammadu Buhari. PHOTO Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

Nigeria gained her Independence from British Colonisation, October 1st 1960, the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, delivered a national speech to celebrate the 60 years anniversary of the occasion. 

Here are twelve quotes from his speech:

1. “We are bound by destiny to be the largest and greatest black nation on earth.”

2. “At this stage in our nationhood it is important that we reflect how we got here to enable us work TOGETHER to get to where we aspire to be as a strong indivisible nation, united in hope and equal in opportunity.”

3. “Our founding fathers understood the imperative of structuring a National identity using the power of the state and worked towards unification of Nigerians in a politically stable and viable entity.

4. “The stereotype of thinking of ourselves as coming from one part of the country before seeing ourselves as Nigerians is a key starting point to project us on the road to our deserved nation’s evolution and integration.”

5. “It has been demonstrated time and time again that Nigerians in the diaspora frequently excel in science, technology, medicine, sports, arts and many other fields.”

6. “I am convinced that if we pursue our aspirations TOGETHER we would be able to achieve whatever we desire.”

7. “Together we can change our condition for the better and more importantly, together we can do much more for ourselves and for our country.”

8. “I chose the path of self-reflection because this is what I do on a daily basis and I must confess that at most times, I always felt the need for a collective reflection.”

9. “Nigeria is not a country for Mr President, any ruling or opposition party but a country for all of us and we must play our part, irrespective of challenges we face, to make this country what we desire.”

10. “The problems with our electoral process are mainly human induced as desperate desire for power leads to desperate attempts to gain power and office.”

11. “Fellow Nigerians, our history has shown that we are a people that have the capacity to live peacefully with one another.”

12. In the circumstances (scarce resources), a responsible government must face realities and take tough decisions.


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