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A Concise Guide to Dating Married Nigerian Men

A Concise Guide to Dating Married Nigerian Men

Dating a Nigerian man is not an easy task, especially a married Nigerian man.

If you are in a relationship with a married man in Nigeria, I must really commend you.

But after all the stress and hard work, most ladies get kicked off like a piece of shit, because they don’t know the dos and don’ts of dating a married man in Naija.

If you’re in that position, take the front seat as I unfold to you the secret guide you need to get a reward for your hard work.

1. Don’t act like his wife, because you’re not

I know you might forget sometimes, especially with his sweet talks. But, always remind yourself that he is a Nigerian man, and a married one for that matter, so don’t try to protect him like he is your property or something, it is not in your job description as a side chick and a pleasant distraction.

You must know your place, else, you will be replaced in no time, I’m sure you don’t want that to happen because of your big mouth.

2. If you must be jealous, do it in your mind


Hmmm, I know this is not easy as a lady, but you just have to try, after all, you stole him from someone too.

Some ladies even show their jealousy when the original owner shows up, who does that?

Babe, if you want to last, you have to act like a man, just carry your face away when you see him with another lady.

Remember he wants you just for pleasure and not another stress.

3. Respect his mood

I know sometimes you want to play with him like your boyfriend or husband, but hey, that man beside you has a lot to think about including his wife and children, so get used to playing alone when he’s not in the mood if you want to last.

4. Don’t make noise about your relationship

I know you want to go out with him in the sunshine and all, but remember you’re not his wife, and he won’t ruin his beautiful family because of you.

So, just enjoy your moments together in whatever secret place he chose, else he will discard you before you know it.

5. Have a plan B

As much as you’re enjoying your secret moment with that man, don’t forget he left his wife at home, and he will definitely go back to her.

Asides that, he can decide to replace you anytime he wants, and you should not be caught unaware, always prepare for the worse, your relationship won’t last forever, so get an alternative before he leaves you stranded.

I hope I’ve been able to help your career.


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