COVID-19: Parents Will be Paid to Stay at Home with Their Children in France if schools have to close again

Following the reopening of schools after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, a number of new infection clusters were reported across the country. 

This, may warrant the reimpose of lockdown measure and students returning home. But, a report by The Times revealed that their parents will be paid to stay at home if such a measure would be taken. 

Each household with a child under the age of 16 will receive 84% of one parent’s wages under the measures, it was announced.

Payments will be backdated to September 1, the date pupils returned to the classroom, and the government will also extend its furlough scheme for struggling businesses, The Times reported.

However, during a visit to Corsica the nation’s President, Emmanuel Macron, said he hopes that any new measures which might be required to keep infections down would not be too restrictive.

He said: ‘What we need to do is to adapt to the evolution of the virus and try to slow its circulation with hygiene measures and adapting our social lives.

‘We need to be able to continue to live, educate our children and care for other patients and illnesses and to have a social and economic life.’

The Times reports that any further lockdown measures would be implemented on a local basis, rather than nationwide.

More than 28,361,240 coronavirus cases have been recorded across the world; while more than 914,463 people have lost their lives to the virus. 

France is the 14th nation with the highest case of the infection. As at the date of the publication of this article (September 11th 2020), the nation has recorded 353,944 — almost 5,000 behind United Kingdom (UK). 

The nation has also recorded more than 30,000 fatalities. 

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