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Five (5) Occasions Nigerians Never Fail To Cook Jollof Rice

Nigerian jollof rice | Lanre News

Oh Jollof Rice, the butterfly in our stomachs…

Jollof Rice is one very popular food in Nigeria, if it were human, especially a lady, it would have been a very proud lady with the kind of popularity Nigerians give it.

Most Nigerian occasions are not complete without Jollof Rice, as a matter of fact, Jollof Rice is the reason most of us attend occasions.

And so I present to you on a platter of gold 5 occasions you will always find our dear Jollof Rice in Nigeria.


Nigerian jollof rice wedding ceremony | Lanre News

This is a beautiful occasion where the whole atmosphere is filled with lovely emotions, it’s time for two to become one, time for two families to come together as one and also time to treat guests to some great Jollof Rice.

No matter the delicacies you bring to your wedding, if Party Jollof is not there, Hmmm, I really don’t know what to say o.

A wedding without Jollof Rice is like an expensive car without engine.


Nigerian jollof rice Christmas Celebration | Lanre News

Christmas is a time of great joy in Nigeria, a time when families get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

During Christmas, children and even most adults expect new clothes and of course Christmas Rice and Chicken to back it up.

See ehn, a Christmas without Rice is a boring Christmas. The best part is that you can twist it to suit your taste and needs, from fried to coconut to white rice and stew, it’s Christmas and yes, everything goes!


Burial ceremony in Nigeria is still one of the few occasions that reunite families and friends from far and near.

People come together to celebrate and honour the life of the dead, and of course to eat Jollof Rice.

Our Jollof Rice has in a miraculous way found its way to burial ceremonies and it is greatly loved and celebrated there.


Naming ceremony in Nigeria is an amazing event where a newborn baby is given names, Yorubas call it “Iso omo loruko”.

In the Yoruba part of Nigeria, the naming of the child is done when the baby is 8 days old.

Since the birth of the baby, friends and family look forward to this great event not only because they are curious about the baby’s name, but because some delicious party Rice is going to be served.


Nigerian jollof rice | Lanre News

Anniversaries are great occasions to be celebrated in Nigeria.

There are different kinds of anniversaries that call for celebration and Jollof Rice in Nigeria, some of them are Wedding anniversary, Birthday anniversary, Church anniversary.

Friends and family come together to show their love to the celebrant(s) and also eat Rice.


So, when planning your anniversary of any kind, don’t forget to invite our well-respected Jollof Rice to the event.

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