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How to Drive Traffic from Instagram to Your Nigerian Website

Are you using your Instagram for business purposes? Do you drive traffic from the platform to your website?

If your answer to the second question is NO or Maybe; then, you are in the right place to learn how to gain traffic from Instagram. 

Traffic is the number of visitors to your website in a day.

This is very important for webmasters and e-commerce owners as low traffic generates low or no income, which is not good for business.

Every successful business is built by achieving repetitive patronisation. This means old visitors/customers come back and in addition to that, the number of new visitors/customers consecutively/exponentially increase.

Building a successful business is not an easy task so is generating traffic for your website. Most people find it difficult to do. But there are simple, cost-effective ways to channel traffic to your blog.

Instagram is among the notable social media platforms, with billions of members ranging from celebrities to everyday people. This is one of the reasons it is a good place to advertise your product and services.

Here are some steps to leverage your Instagram to build steady traffic back to your blog, website or e-commerce page.

How to gain traffic with your Instagram account

Website links

Instagram allows you to add only one clickable link in your bio, therefore take advantage of it and use it profitably.

To add a business website link, go to edit section on your profile and type it in the Instagram text box provided there.

This is easy and simple as the link will direct followers to your website.

From your bio, you can also add a sentence or two about your business to promote it further.

Call To Action

You can also design Instagram photos that have the call to action functions. You can put layers of pictures with a call to action and include the website URL directly onto a decorative and pleasing photo.

This is a beautiful approach to make users fall for your profile since traffic-generating is mostly based on the beauty of your page and contents.

Put URL in Every Video

Videos are more convincing and make storytelling lively.

The fact is, videos on Instagram and other social media platforms generate three times more traffics than images.

You could also include links within the video and at the description slot when posting it. 


Instagram Ads

Investing in the Instagram ads allow you to target the right followers and audience. With Instagram ads combined with your strategies, you are likely to increase more traffic than you expected.

There are several ads, including images and videos, and you can add your link to the sponsored post. 


There is a great chance for traffic generation when using Instagram, and the cost of advertising can be very friendly to small and medium scale business owners. Take advantage of it today, apply these steps and see the changes.

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